Best High Fiber Dog Food Choices For Anal Glands Problems

Sadly several dogs have their anal glands in danger. Many anal gland infections get so bad that they become abscessed and ruptured, causing the dog’s suffering and their people quite a nasty mess.

Here are the 10 Best High Fiber Dog Foods

Zesty Paws

Each soft chew contains natural Digestive Enzymes that can support the absorption of nutrients to help dogs get the most out of any meal.


Cloud Star

Every chewy treat for dogs includes additional probiotics to promote healthy bacteria in the gut. Our soft dog treats are free of grain and have no gluten added.




PetVitalityPro Supports and improves the health of the intestines during and after treatment with antibiotics and steroids.


Good Karma Naturals

Good Karma Naturals quality dog fiber supplement is finally here to encourage regularity gently, promote normal bowel function and improve dog’s digestive health.


Raw Paws

Raw Paws are recommended for relief from dog allergies, relief from dog gas, dog diarrhea, dog yeast treatment, and bad dog breath.

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