Genes count too aka if I hear its all in how you raise them one more time a rant by fang

The way dogs behave often comes down to how you have trained them. The most obedient and calm dogs often have trainers with years of experience who know how to handle dogs. That said, there are some factors in how a dog behaves that is related to genes and the breed as well.

This means that you cant expect to make a dog behave in a particular way by just training them if that is not a common trait for their breed. As an example, a german shepherd will be much more obedient and calm than a different breed like a chihuahua.

As a dog owner you want to make sure that you train your dog based on it’s breed. The proper gear also matters as you don’t want to use something that is not suitable for your dog.

If your dog happens to be small then it is best to use a harness that is good for a small dog. But even there you will notice that there are 100s of options. This is why we have curated a list of the best dog harness for small dogs.