Best Dog Treats Of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Greenies 2. Zuke’s Natural 3. MilkBone
Greenies Original Best Dog Treat Zuke's Natural

Milk-Bone Maro Snacks


Dog lovers agree on one thing universally, their pets are like their children. They want to do the best they can to keep their pets well-nourished and healthy. The first thing to look after is nutrition. Good food helps keep dogs active and disease free. The best dog treats are often better when bought ready-made.

Dogs do not have a constitution that matches humans. They are allergic to many things that humans enjoy as food. Their nutritional needs are different. Dogs of different breeds and sizes may also need different foods. Doggie treats are important for training dogs. Your pooch will love the affection that is hidden in a treat.


Choosing The Best Dog Treats

Dogs need a different nutritional profile than humans. You have to be careful about allergies and calories. Many pet owners try to cook for their canines at home and end up giving them food that is not nourishing. Your pet will be active and happy when you feed it right. The best treats for dogs are often store bought.

The dog food manufacturers take into account many things when they create a blend that is perfect. They specify which type of canine is to be what kind of food. They always produce the best dog treats with the advice of veterinarians and trainers who have extensive knowledge about the nutrition needs of your pet.

The best ingredients with the right proportion makes for the best food. Many trace minerals and vitamins are needed in the right proportion to make the food nutritionally perfect. These nutritional requirements change with the kind of dogs that you are raising. Smaller dogs have different needs than bigger dogs.

Some breeds of dogs can have reactions to food like vomiting and digestive issues. They may lose hair and get health problems due to deficiencies. The deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and protein will make the dog dull and unhealthy. Look after your pet and get a lot of love in return. Dogs are animals that love you unconditionally and are fiercely loyal. Keep your best friend happy and healthy by making the right choices for it.

1. Dog Food Should Have The Proper Balance Of Nutrition

Dogs need as much as 35 % protein in their daily food. There is a need for the proper amount of fats and minerals to keep the pet healthy and active. The more the food is processed the worse it is from the point of view of nutrition.

Corn, soy and wheat can be bad for your pooch as these grains are used as fillers. They make the food bulky but add very little nutrition. The healthy energy sources are vegetables and meats among other things. Healthier binding options could be nutrient dense carbohydrates like sweet potatoes.

2. The Best Dog Treats Have No Additives And Preservatives

The best treats for dogs are often nutrient rich but low on calories. The use of sugar and corn syrup is frowned upon as they add extra calories to the food. Pure cane molasses may be a better option than sugar. The danger of obesity and diabetes in canines is on the rise and dogs need to be fed appropriate foods to maintain optimal weight.

To be safe you should pick dog treats that do not contain added dyes and preservatives in the food. Some preservatives may be used to make foods stable but end up producing long term problems to health. Vitamin E and C are better as preservatives than chemicals.

3. Processed Dog Treats Are Bad For Canine Health

Labels tell you a lot about the food you are going to serve to your beloved pet. Overly processed food is not the best dog treats you can give your pooch. Biscuits and jerkies may be overloaded with sodium, salt and sweeteners that may harm the dental and digestive health of your pet.

Look for freeze fried treats that can be natural and healthy without any added ingredients. Any added flavours, colours, dyes and starchy products can turn food unhealthy. Look for ingredients that are healthy and natural.

4. Size Of The Dog Treats Matter

The best dog treats come in convenient sizes. They are bite sized and do not make a mess when your pooch is eating. You can control portions more easily if the sizes are manageable and the treats can be conveniently broken into pieces. This is especially true for treats that you hand out to your canine while training. You can maintain small portions easily.

5. Taste Defines The Best Dog Treats

Dogs have an enhanced sense of taste. They are notoriously fussy eaters. They need to like the taste to be able to eat adequate portions. Many times the canine taste buds and palate do not adapt to foods easily. It is a good idea to look for foods that are meat based and have a natural taste that will appeal to the pooch.

Soft treats are more close to the natural meaty taste and also not too processed. These may be a good option for dogs who are picky eaters. Dogs like beef, chicken and fish as the main flavour profile. You could think of single meat products that taste natural. These are also better for allergies as single meat products are generally safe. Most brands have single meat products in multiple flavours. Choose the one that is the best for your pet.

Safety Profile Of Dog Treats

Most of the best dog treats are not safe for puppies, as they might not contain the optimal nutrients needed for growth. If you are planning to give them to your puppy, use small portions and cut them small so that they can chew it easily.

Dog food can spoil too. Do check that your packets are safely sealed so that no moisture can enter them. Improperly stored dog treats can become mouldy and spoilt. They can also expire if kept too long. In these circumstances they are not safe to be fed to your pooch.

Let us review some of the dog treats and food available in the market that can keep both pets and pet owners happy.

Top 20 Best Dog Treats 2020

1. Greenies Original

Greenies Original Best Dog Treat

Greenies Original Dental Treat is a great product that can help you keep your pet’s breath fresh and teeth clean. The smaller breeds of dogs like to chew on these treats. The texture is chewy and tasty. The treats can help your pet keep plaque and tartar away and stop gums from receding. Greenies are made of natural products that are recommended by vets and are safe for your dog’s digestion also.

The treats are made of natural ingredients that have minerals and vitamins needed for your dog’s health. They are perfect for daily treat purposes. The chews are low on fat and high on nutrition. They are meant for adult dogs. The treats actually clean the teeth and keep them healthy and strong. The product is manufactured in Kansas City, MO, USA and uses some of the best ingredients in the world. The packaging is good and safe and contains 43 pieces that can last you a month and a half.


2. Zuke’s Natural

Zuke's Natural

Zuke’s natural training dog treats are as the name says, training treats that are healthy and bite sized. The calorie count is very low at about 3 calories per treat. It is a perfect treat for small dogs and works best for incentives during training.

The treat is made of real chicken meat as the major ingredient. The bite sized dog treats has cherries and turmeric that help in fighting infection and maintaining health. The food contains no artificial flavours, colors, wheat, soy or corn. The USA made product is pure and safe and uses the best ingredients possible.


3. Milk-Bone Maro Snacks

Milk-Bone Maro Snacks

The forty ounce canister of dog treats available in the Milk-Bone Maro Snacks is a crunchy and tasty snack. The treat is made with real bone marrow and you can give it to your dog without any guilt. The calcium in the treat will help your pooch have strong bones and teeth. The genuine product is manufactured in Buffalo in the USA. This wholesome treat is a snack choice for dogs of all breeds and sizes.


4. SmartBones Smartsticks

SmartBones Smartsticks

SmartBones SmartSticks is a Rawhide free stick shaped chewy treat. The pack contains twelve sticks that also contain real peanut butter. The treat is very easy to digest and the wholesome ingredients make it very healthy too. The chewy texture helps the teeth remain healthy and strong. The real peanut butter with vegetables and chicken filling is a tasty snack for your pooch.

The chew has all the goodness of a rawhide chew stick without the rawhide itself. It is the best dog treat recommended by vets and pet parents who have concerns about the use of rawhide in dog food. The chewy snack is mineral and vitamin enhanced and helps you give adequate nutrition to your canine. The other flavours are beef, bacon and cheese or sweet potato.

The manufacturers are very conscious of quality levels. The quality control team has a fool proof method to check all aspects that can affect the end product. The team takes into account the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. The production, factory environment and equipment, storage and transportation all are in the quality control team’s radar. The chews are made under strict supervision and adhere to the US Food and Drug Administration standards. Feed your pooch to endow health and happiness on it.


5. Purina Dog Chews

Purina Dog Chews

The Purina Busy Real Beefhide Dog Chew is a long lasting chewy treat for canines. Each packet has twelve chews. The main ingredient is real Beefhide from farm raised cattle. Your pooch will enjoy the rib shaped hand crafted chew.

The high quality ingredients are very healthy and are visually appealing to your pet. The delicious snack keeps the dog busy for a long time and is the best thing to give when you want to go out and know he won’t be happy to see you go! It is a healthy way to keep your friend happy.


6. Whimzees Natural Alligator

Whimzees Natural Alligator

The Whimzees Natural Grain Free Dental Dog Treats by Alligator are the best thing you can give your dog for fresh breath and good dental health. Small dogs get the best benefit of these limited ingredients treats. There are six natural vegetarian ingredients, namely malt extract, potato starch, lecithin, powdered cellulose, glycerine and yeast. The good news is that your dog loves them.

The natural treats are made of low fat, gluten free, GMO free, grain free ingredients. They also do not have any artificial flavours and colours. The shape is unique and indentations that are made on the treats help reach all the crevices in the mouth to clean it thoroughly. The hollow shape is fashioned to grip the treat properly and chew easily for a long time.

The all natural chew does not contain any allergens and is perfect for dogs with sensitivities and allergies. The chews are useful not only in cleaning the teeth but also in removing tartar and plaque to eliminate any foul smells.

There are separate shapes and sizes available for larger dogs too. Use all the shapes and sizes to provide triple dental care and allow proper blood flow to the gums and keeps teeth and gums healthy.


7. Whimzees Natural Brushzes

Whimzees Natural Brushzes

The dental treats by Whimzees Natural Grain Free Dental Dog Treats Brushzees are all natural. They are easily digested by extra small dogs also. The treats are a good way to avoid bad breath and plaque build-up in your pet’s mouth. The limited ingredient treats clean your pooch’s teeth in a natural way.

The treats have an ingredient list that is GMO free, grain free, Gluten free and artificial flavouring free. There are no added dyes or colours that may harm your dog. The choice of vegetarian treats ensures that your pet suffers no allergies and sensitivities. The hollow shapes and indentations on the treat allow your dog to grasp it properly and chew easily. The indentations let the teeth get cleaned for a longer lasting chew time.

The chew sticks have clove bud oil that helps to maintain dental health. The natural ingredients like potato starch, powdered cellulose, malt, lecithin, glycerine, and yeast take the treat from simply tasty to healthy.


8. Whimzees Natural Stix

Whimzees Natural Stix

Whimzees natural grain free stix come in many shapes and flavours and makes dental care in medium sized dogs very simple. The tasty daily treats are easily digested and have natural ingredients that are healthy. The low fat stix has natural ingredients with healthy fats, fiber, vegetarian textures, clove oil and others.

The hollow shapes come in many shapes to provide variety to your pet’s routine. The stix helps to protect the gums and remove bad breath. You can maintain the oral health of your pet very easily with these vegetarian treats.


9. Orijen Dog Treats

Orijen Dog Treats

ORIJEN High protein roaming Boar freeze dried Dog treats are manufactured with natural ingredients which are sourced reliably from trusted people. The product uses raw animal ingredients that have bone, meat, cartilage and organs. It is grain free and free of artificial preservatives and color. The best dog treat contains pure animal matter that is close to the biological needs of your pet.

The limited ingredient product and high protein dog food offers your canine the taste of a real wild boar. The manufacturing process takes place in the Dog Star kitchen in Kentucky. The gently freeze dried food product locks in nutrients, taste and aroma of the savoury taste of actual wild boar.


10. Milk-Bone Chews

Milk-Bone Chews

Topeka, Kansas is the home of the Milk Bone Company which manufactures Milk-Bone Brushing chews. These treats are available in two sizes, small and medium. The box is a 36.1 oz one that contains 46 dental treats for your pooch.

The treats contain sixteen vital minerals and vitamins that are crucial for teeth. The calcium in these dog treats is needed to build strong teeth and bones. The product is a good one to maintain dental health. The daily oral care routine is taken care of with this product. Studies show that dental treats are as good as brushing. The Veterinary oral health council has approved the product for tartar control.


11. Bodhi Dog

Bodhi Dog

This natural snack is made with sweet potatoes, chickpeas & cane molasses in the USA. The natural ingredients in the product are healthy and wholesome. The treat contains fish, poultry, vegetables and fruits. The vitamins and minerals present in the recipe help in building bone strength and muscles along with a glossy skin and coat.

The natural taste of real salmon along with molasses, blueberries, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes provide nutrients like Zinc Sulphate, Manganese, Calcium and other trace minerals to keep your canine healthy. There are no grains like corn, soy or whey that can cause obesity or even allergies. The food contains antioxidants, protein, natural fats and minerals that are good for the pet.

The premium dog treat is a guilt free indulgence you can give your pet. The vet approved snack is suitable for all kinds of dogs. The jerky is packed in bite sized pieces for convenience. The can is airtight and moisture and exposure to air is not a fear. The delicious treat also has a money back guarantee that is unique to this company.

The soft but chewy and tender treats are a favourite with the dogs. The sense of smell is very sensitive in dogs and this jerky appeals to that. The bite size treats are the perfect training tools. You can feed your pet a maximum of 12 bites per 25 Lbs of body weight per day. The treats are socially and ecologically conscious.


12. IMK9 Dog Treats

IMK9 Dog Treats

The best dog treats are natural products. The IMK 9all natural freeze dried salmon dog treats are100% fish with skin. They are gluten free, soy free, and grain free. Your canine will love the doggy treat as the flavours are wholesome and pure. Freeze dried salmon is a favourite of most dogs.

The salmon that is used to manufacture this product is safe for human consumption too. The skin is left on and there are no additives that change the wholesome nature of the salmon. If you soak the chunks, you will rehydrate them into pieces of salmon. Nature has endowed salmon with many nutrients like Magnesium, Potassium, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids amongst others. The Salmon is procured from Alaska.

The manufacturers are so sure of the product quality that they offer a full refund if you are not happy with the product. They assure you that your pet will have a shinier coat and skin and have more energy once they start eating these treats.


13. K9konnection


The dog treat is made of pure pork and is the best choice when you are looking for an alternative to rawhide chews. They are suitable for all sizes of canines. They are cut thick to suit the nutritional needs of all dogs. These pig ear strips are simply the best dog treats available in the market.

The K9Konnection pig slivers are rich in good quality protein. These treats are suitable for pups too. These chewy treats help in cleaning your small dog’s teeth while helping you feed them in a healthy manner. The strips do not have rawhide and are easy to digest. There are no preservatives, additives or hormones in the dog food. It is natural and wholesome. It is one of the best items for a quick snack for your pooch.

The quality control facility in the factory in Brazil is superlative. Each ear is checked and inspected before being packed hygienically. There is also a money back guarantee in the unlikely case that you are not happy with the product. The seller rating is fantastic and customer satisfaction is the company’s motto.


14. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature

The Kirkland Signature dental Chews is a good product for your dog. You can feed them to any size dog without any issues. The package contains 72 dog treats and is an affordable product. It might contain corn and soy and should not be fed to dogs that are allergic to these products.

Over all the bite sized treats are economical, tasty and healthy.


15. Threepaws Gourmet

Threepaws Gourmet

Are you looking for a vegan option to treat your pet? Look no further. The Threepaws gourmet organic vegan dog treats are healthy and nutritious. They are gourmet and palm oil free. The treats are made of organic Garbanzo flour and contain no soy, wheat or corn. The product has coconut milk, chia seeds, strawberries, coconut cream, beets, and peanut butter.

These plant based dog treats are the perfect treats for pet owners who are vegans and vegetarians. There is no sugar or salt in this recipe, making the treats very healthy and easy to digest too. The dog treat is artificial flavour and color free. There are no hidden ingredients and the product is one filled with compassionate care. The strawberry cream, crunch filled treats will make your pooch very happy.


16. SmartBones Mini Chicken

SmartBones Mini Chicken

Do you want to give your pooch the best dog treat ever? Choose SmartBones mini chicken-wrapped sticks for dogs. It is available in two variants, chicken and peanut butter. The chew is just like a rawhide chew without the difficulty to digest rawhide in it. The stick is made of a vegetable that is wrapped by real chicken strips.

The real meat ensures that the treat has adequate nutrition and is enhanced with minerals and vitamins. The SmartBones chew helps your dog to maintain oral hygiene. Your small dog will love the taste of vegetables generously coated with real chicken strips.


17. Whimzees Natural Veggie Sausage

Whimzees Natural Veggie Sausage

The Whimzees natural grain free dental dog treats are vegetarian and shaped like sausages. The dog food is natural and contains no gluten, grains, artificial preservatives and colours. They are also GMO free. The treat is low in fats and high in fiber and protein. These treats are capable of removing tartar and plaque and making the dog’s oral hygiene easy to maintain.

The treats have a special shape. They are hollow and have indentations on them which allow the dog to chew on the indentations and helps clean its teeth. You can give one daily to your pet to keep it healthy. The limited ingredient dog food is safe for dogs with allergies and weak digestive systems.

The products are manufactured in a socially responsible manner. The triple dental care program promises that the treatment can reduce tartar by62%, plaque by31%and create 43% less odour. The odour is minimal as the improved blood flow to the mouth can reduce bad breath problems in your pet.


18. Old Mother Hubbard All Naturals

Old Mother Hubbard All Naturals

The best dog treat comes in a variety of flavours. The treat is all natural. The crunchy snack is a good training incentive. The home style recipe packs a punch. The small bite size treats are suitable for all kinds of canines. The portal creates the multi bagger and is not shipped as procured from the manufacturer.

Give your beloved pet a new flavour to experience every time. The classic flavors will always be close to your pet’s heart.


19. Ultra Chewy

Ultra Chewy

The best thing about this dog treat is that the base is made of rice which is easy to digest and can be given to dogs of any size. The dog food is easy on the stomach of sensitive pets also as it has a rice base. The pets love it and it also helps in the maintenance of oral health. The chewy double layer is a bonus for your pet.

The size of the treat is small and serves as a snack, not a meal. The different flavours provide variety and they are a suitable choice to help train your dog. The peanut butter flavour is mostly every dog’s favourite. They are well suited to use as a training incentive. The shelf life is a whopping two years. Get your packet today!


20. Kirkland Signature

Kirkland Signature

Every pet owner wants their pets to have clean teeth and fresh breath. The Gluten free dental chews contain no grain and are very safe for your dog. The chews have a side with a groove and another with many ridges and indentations that reduce tartar and plaque from the dental cavity of your pet. The Paw-grip feature comprises a handle that syncs with your dog’s natural chewing position. The super healthy chews contain no synthetic flavors or colors.
The seventy two dental chews in the packet last you a long time.


Why Use Readymade Dog Treats Rather Than Feed Dogs Home Cooked Food?

Dogs do not have the same eating patterns like humans. Keeping a dog is also not an easy task. You will often be tempted to cook at home as it might seem economical. But, the long term effect is not that good. Dogs have sensitive digestion and their systems revolt at anything that is not suitable for them. This is more so for smaller dogs.

Dogs can also have allergies that humans cannot fathom. Every meal for dogs cannot be made from scratch without the input of a vet or a dog trainer. It is a better idea to get meals that are cooked especially for canines from the market and save the pets long term misery.

Pure and natural organic foods that are freeze dried are actually nutritionally better placed than the dog fed home grown meals. Not only do you reduce allergies, but you also give the dog its nutritional needs effectively.

Dog treats and snacks are more difficult to rustle up at home as your pet craves variety too. It is easier to buy a selection of treats in various flavours so that you have a happy and well fed dog at home. Choose bite sized pieces for the dog treats that can be used when training.

It is important to keep a track of the treats your pet is receiving each day. Many doggie treats are calorie dense and too many can cause health problems like obesity and diabetes in dogs too. Note the calories that your treat has and make a plan immediately. You can give up to 3-4 bite sized pieces in some low calorie foods, but some treats can cause problems in the long run. Choose wisely.

Types Of Dog Food Available In The Market

The marketplace is full of a variety of dog food and snacks, how do you choose the right ones for your pet?

  • Choose the flavour your dog likes best.
  • Choose bite sized portions to manage portion sizes.
  • Choose foods that do not contain fillers that can cause a nutrition drop.
  • Choose a food that has a long shelf life. This way you can buy more variety for your pet.

Storing Your Dog Food Properly

You may buy a variety of treats for your dog, but the best dog treats will also spoil if not stored properly. It is a good idea to buy treats with long shelf lives. The treats are sensitive to moisture. You should store them in airtight cans and jars once the packet has been opened. Exposure to air and moisture may cause the food to lose flavour, become mouldy and smelly. Store in a dry and cool place for best results.


There are many choices available in the market today. The choice has become quite difficult. The first consideration is whether you can buy the product online? If yes, do they ship to your location? Even the deepest discounts do not help when sites do not ship to your location. Give the premium brands a miss in this case.

Dog treats are one of the best ways to train your dog. Training a dog is not easy. They learn when they are rewarded and praised. The best of treats can be of use when you are conditioning your dog to learn through rewarding its efforts.

Not only for rewards and nutrition but also as a breath freshener and dental care these treats can come in handy. The dogs love their treats and you love to pamper them.

Choose treats that your dog will like and serve it a variety of treats to keep a balance on the ingredients that your pooch needs to keep healthy. The canine will also be motivated to train as they get many tasty treats. The reward conditions the dog during the training process.

You can order vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian options according to your choice. Buy the right mix of products to suit your canine friend. It is a choice in which the health of your dog depends on.

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