Dog breeds ii the good the bad and the ugly e-g my neighbor has one of those

A lot of times we see that our friend or neighbor who has got a dog and we think it’s adorable so we want to choose the same breed as well. However, just because your neighbor decided to select a breed does not mean that you should follow in their shoes and select the same breed as well.

After all, your neighbor can be quite different from you and choosing a breed that was good for them may be a bad idea for you. There are some important facts that you must consider before you decide on which breed to get.

These factors include the size and space that is available in your house, whether or not there are kids in your house and the size of the dog that you are planning to get.

Once you decide that you need to select the right gear and food for your dog. If the dog that you are getting is just a puppy then you should choose from the best dog food for puppies as those include foods that is best for them.