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Another rant by me.

Let’s be real, sometimes the dog toys that companies nowadays come up with look like sex toys. What is the reason behind that, you silly companies? Is your creativity flooding from your balls?

I had this scenario where my neighbor knocked on my door, and Ruffy (my dog, as if that wasn’t self-explanatory by reading the rest of the story or by the name) instantly ran to the door (as she always does).

I opened the door and the first thing my neighbor saw was Ruffy biting on a long giant stick, with two semi-big balls at the end of it. And it got super awkward. Like super-duper awkward.

I didn’t even think about this fact before I saw his face. It looks like a giant dildo, like Ruffy has taken it directly from my bedroom… F*ck.

What is the point? I assume they sit there on a board meeting and a premature guy just raises his hand saying “Wouldn’t it be funny if it looked like a dildo LOL”.

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