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12 Best Senior Dog Foods Your Dog Will Love (2021)

Dogs are one of the most loyal pets. They need affection, care, and proper diet to maintain health and strength in their body parts.

If you have an old or senior dog, then you must take care of your pet’s food. It is a challenging task to choose the best senior dog food to fulfill its nutrition. Hence, the whole conversation would center and hover around the dog’s diet.

As human beings, we take the entire responsibility of the food we choose for ourselves, considering our body types. Likewise, while selecting food for senior dogs, you ought to be choosy for the sake of its health.

Healthy dogs show its wellbeing with its appearance as well as fast response. Surprisingly, people believe that their dog’s behavior depends on the training they receive.

But, food is an integral factor that governs the health of the dogs. A playful and active dog is the one who receives proper nutrition.

Being a master, now you need to be aware of the correct choices of food for your dog. Are you looking for the best senior dog food? You are landed in the right place. Stay tuned to get detailed information about the right food item for your dog.

12 Best Senior Dog Foods

Go through the best senior dog food reviews and enlighten yourself about the right product for your pet:

1. Royal Canin Maxi

Royal Canin Maxi Best Senior Dog Food

Royal Canin Maxi is the best food for older dogs that is available weighing 15 kgs. It can be used for large breed adult dogs. Some of the races who can have this food are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labrador, ST. Bernard, Rottweiler, etc.

These dogs are large, but when they approach old age, their energy level slows down to the observable level. This product has shown amazing results in the senior dog’s health.


Enhances the Energy Levels: This is a food product for the senior dogs of the large breed that is designed with the sole purpose of rejuvenating the bodies of the old dogs and making them active irrespective of the seniority of the age they are approaching. This senior dog food increases energy levels and boosts the metabolism of your dog.

Rich in Nutrients: This dog food is rich in nutrients. There are some essential ingredients in the food like dehydrated proteins of the pork, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and many essential ingredients that are necessary to feed senior dogs of the large breed. If you get into the nutritional facts of the food, then it contains 26% of protein, 6.3% of crude ash, 1.2% of fibers, and a more abundant source of omega-three fatty acids.

Easy to Digest: The food is very light on the digestive systems of the senior dogs. It contains the perfect protein source for senior dogs. It includes a lean protein that is incredibly easier for the dogs to digest at an old age.

Ingredients: It contains all the essential ingredients in this dog’s food like animal fats, dehydrated poultry protein, animal proteins, soya oil, minerals, fish oil, maize gluten, hydrolyzed cartilage which is a source of chondroitin. These are some of the main ingredients which are beneficial for the dog’s health.

Perfect Filler: Senior dogs have higher appetites as compared to young ones. You can feed this dog food as an extra meal. It can be used as a filler food, which makes their stomach full and increases the energy levels as well.

  • It is a perfect food for senior dogs as it helps in getting a required body mass, fuller muscle growth, strengthen their bones, joints, and muscles, and make them completely active.
  • It provides an excellent source of fatty acids and antioxidants that works miracles in bringing the shine in the appearance of your dog.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that help the dogs in getting rid of body pains, whether it is internal or external.
  • The health benefits of this dog food are amazing. You can see the positive results of the food in the dog’s behavior and appearance. Your dog appears to be happy and more active.
  • Dogs can find it a bit less tasty.

2. Pedigree Adult Senior Dry Food

Pedigree Adult Senior Dry Food

It is a perfect food for senior dogs, which is loaded with a lot of protein sources, vitamins, and minerals. Chicken is the main ingredient in this dog food.

It is the best dry dog food for older dogs that provides all the required nutrients to your dog’s body. Your dog becomes more happy, healthy, and active after eating this dog food.


Nutritive Filler for Senior Dogs: This is a perfect nutritious filler for the dogs as it is easy to digest and, at the same time, helps them in growing stronger at an old age.

Enhanced Energy Levels: You can observe many positive results of this dog food like improved energy levels of your dog and glowing skin and shiny hair of your dog at an old age.

Major Nutritive Supplement: This dog food is loaded with all the necessary nutrients, which are essential for a senior dog’s body like proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Promotes Easy Digestion: This product is manufactured to enhance the digestion process in senior dogs. It contains probiotic contents which help in improving the metabolism and digestion.

  • Due to the anti-inflammatory properties, your senior dog can be relieved from joint pains and aches.
  • It is a nutritional filler food that one can serve the senior dogs at a crucial and old stage of their life.
  • It helps in enhancing digestion metabolism in senior dogs.
  • This dog food elevates the energy levels in the bodies.
  • This dog food is available at a higher price.

3. Pedigree Senior Dog Food

Pedigree Senior Dog Food

Pedigree Senior Dog Food is the perfect pick for the sake of the health and wellbeing of the large breed senior dogs at home. At an older age, the dogs tend to have a prolonged metabolism, and at the same time, they have a dull appearance.

This dog food can help your dog to stay active at old age and improves their health conditions that are generally getting worse. Go through its other features in detail.


Tasty Dog Food: When it comes to the taste of the food, then it should undoubtedly be tasty and delicious for dogs that love to eat. It is a perfect tasty treat for your dogs. The dogs will throw no tantrums to eat that as they will enjoy the taste of the healthy munchie.

Easy to Digest: At their older age, they have problems digesting the food, which is why the senior dog food products have the right amount of probiotics to help their body accept and relish the food benefits to the fullest.

Loaded with Essential Nutrients: This will help in building the right appetite for food in the senior dog’s body. The pedigree senior dog food has been a perfect supplement of nutrients, including fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. This food completely nourishes the body of your dog.

  • The taste of this dog food is fantastic and liked by your dog. You will not face any difficulty in feeding this food to your dog.
  • If your dog is overweight, then you can manage it by serving low-fat food. There are chances that your dog may lose their weight and becomes active.
  • This product helps your dog in acquiring all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • It may take a lot of time to digest this food by your dog.
  • If your dog has some allergies with corn, then you must consult your vet on this matter.

4. Acana Senior Dog Food

Acana Senior Dog Food

Acana is the best senior dog food for the small breeds that have been accepted by people all over the world.

Are you loaded with questions like how much meat or how much of grains you should feed? Then, portion control is all that matters in a diet. It is the best food for senior dogs, which has got almost everything in the right proportion. Go through its other features in detail.


Rich in Nutrients: This dog food is loaded with many essential nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, whole eggs, chicken, and pork meat. It is necessary to feed your dog with such nutrients for extraordinary growth and building strength in your dog.

Easy to Digest: It contains a very less amount of grains that are very easy to digest. You can consult your vet to provide this food to your dog.

  • It is a perfect dog food that can help senior dogs to grow at their adult age and builds a healthy immune system will all sorts of nutrients.
  • This dog food is not meant for the dogs who are growing overweight. One must consider a vet for dogs who are suffering from obesity.

5. Pedigree Chicken and Vegetables

Pedigree Chicken and Vegetables

Many dog masters accept Pedigree as one of the most healthy and organic formulated food for the dogs.

There are essential constituents in the food that makes the dog’s skin shine and strengthen the muscles and bones. Read more about its exciting features in detail.


Rich in Nutrients: The dog food provides a significant supplement for the dog’s wellbeing at the age of seniority.

Easy to Digest: It is very light and easy to digest by your dog’s weak digestive systems.
Ingredients: It contains chicken, important grains, fruits, and vegetables, which are highly required in a senior dog’s body.

  • This dog food is loaded with immense amounts of chicken and vegetables.
  • It provides all the essential nutrients to the dog’s body.
  • You must consult a doctor if your dog is allergic to the grains loaded in the food.
  • This dog food might cause slower digestion in some dogs.

6. Pedigree Gravy Chicken

Pedigree Gravy Chicken

The dog masters always complain about their senior dog suffering from a lousy appetite issue. But Pedigree Gravy Chicken can turn the game opposite.

It is the perfect packaged food for your dog that can keep it fuller and can keep it active all day long. Go through some of its important features in detail.


Tasty Treat: Dogs have always had a soft corner for the gravy. You can see how delicious a treat it is for them when you serve them with the pedigree gravy food for senior dogs.

Solves Bad Appetite Issue: This dog food is one of the best appetite boosters. It helps in solving the problem of appetite in some dogs.

Boosts Digestion: Senior dogs can easily digest this dog food.

  • Many dogs love gravy food to eat because it is comparatively reasonable in taste than dry food. Your dog will not throw any tantrums and easily eat its food.
  • This dog food increases the metabolic rate and makes them active.
  • The food is loaded with all the nutrients.
  • It is difficult for some people to afford this dog food as it is a bit expensive.

7. Farmina N&D

Farmina N&D

Farmina N&D is a healthy treat for senior dogs as it provides a lot of health benefits. Smart dog masters buy this product and prefer to feed their dogs.

The food is loaded with all the necessary nutrients that your dog’s body needs. Go through its other necessary features in detail.


Grain-free: There is no quantity of grains in this dog food product. Some dogs are allergic to grain, and this food is perfect for them.

Tasty: The taste of the dog food is tasty and delicious.

Health Benefits: The necessary nutrients in the food provide health benefits to senior dogs. It makes the immune system strong and helps in fighting with various seniority issues.
Rich in Nutrients: The food contains all sorts of nutrients that are beneficial for the dog’s health.

  • The food is grain-free for the dogs who are allergic to grains and have digestion issues.
  • Dogs having a considerable appetite can feel a bit emptier.

8. Wellness Health Senior

Wellness Health Senior

Wellness Health Senior is the best senior dog food with amazing benefits. An old dog faces various health issues, and they need a delicate diet at the time of old age.

You need to take care of the nutrition provided to your dog. Many vets suggest this best dry dog food for senior dogs to offer a balanced portion of all the nutrients for fuller growth to the dog.


Nutrients: This dog food is loaded with good quality of nutrients. It comprises 28% of protein, 12% of fats, 52% of carbs, 5.6% of fiber, and 416 kilocalories.

Unusual Ingredients: The natural pet food contains chicken, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, white fish, flaxseed, carrots, canola, oil, and other sorts of vegetables in it.

Activates the Dog’s Body: The levels of glucosamine and chondroitin are balanced in this dog food to activate the functioning of senior dogs.

Tastier Treat: The taste of the food is tasty and delicious for senior dogs. A healthy diet comes in good taste.

  • The taste of the dog food is very delicious and tasty.
  • The brand is a trusted one for senior manufacturing dogs. Many pet parents rely on this food for good health.
  • There is a balanced level of fatty acids, calcium, and other vitamins, which adds strength to the bones and muscles of the dog to keep it happy and active throughout the day.
  • It is a formulated food content that enhances the digestive systems of the dogs.
  • This dog food provides all sorts of nutrients, which helps in building a strong immune system of senior dogs.
  • The smell of food is not great.

9. Hill Science Diet Adult

Hill Science Diet Adult

Hill Science Diet Adult is a highly rated, well-balanced, and the best senior dog food for the ones who are approaching high ages. Being a master of a senior dog account for a lot of responsibilities.

If you want to choose the right product for your adult dog, then you can reach out to this brand. Go through all the features in detail.


Rich in Nutrients: This dog food is loaded with numerous nutrients, including 20% of proteins, 15% of fats, 28% of carbs, 2.4% of carbs, and 364 kilocalories.

Best for Senior-aged Dogs: The food is beneficial for the dogs at senior ages. The food provides all types of nutrients to solve all the health issues.

Boosts Metabolism: This food boosts metabolism in the body of the senior dogs.

  • The ingredients in this dog food are easy to digest.
  • This packaged food nourishes the dog’s body very well.
  • The label on the product does not mention some ingredients like corn.

10. Diamond Natural Dry Senior Dog Food

Diamond Natural Dry Senior Dog Food

This product by Diamond keeps senior dogs completely active at the senior-most age. It comes with a recipe containing chicken, brown rice, oatmeal, beet, chicken fat, fruits, and vegetables, etc. It is counted as one of the premium best senior dog food. Check out its other exciting features in detail.


Nutrients: This dog is loaded with a variety of nutrients like 28% of protein, 17% of fats, 48% of carbohydrate, 4.4% of fiber, and 312 kcal of calories.

Essential Supplements for Senior Dogs: There are fats, proteins, antioxidants, mineral sources, vitamins, etc.that provide extra supplements to the senior dogs.

Easy Digestible: The food is very light on the digestive systems of the dogs, and hence, it is easy to digest.

  • The ingredients in the food supplement add a better taste for the dogs. It has chicken, fats, oatmeal, eggs, beet, fruits, and vegetables, etc.
  • This food is a combination of all the nutrients and essential fatty acids like omega fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • Some dogs may deny consuming food due to its bad taste.

11. Canidae


Canidae is highly rated and the best senior dry dog food. It is meant for the dogs who have approached the senior stage of their life. It is a perfect combination of food for the dogs, which has all the nutrients required to fulfill all the needs of old dogs.

It has an adequate level of nutrients so that the dogs can stay nourished and healthy. A pet parent can feel the sheer happiness when his happy dog is all active and looks the smartest, and this dog food has balanced constituents to balance out things.


Nutrient Content: This dog food is loaded with various nutrients like 27% of protein, 16% of fat, 49% carbs, 4.4% of fibers, 342 kcal of calories.

Easy to Digest: The food contains probiotics, which adds up to the ease of absorption of the food in dogs. Hence, it is easy to digest.

Boosts Metabolism: This dog food helps in boosting the metabolism in senior dogs.

  • It has an optimum level of lean proteins so that it can strengthen the muscles in the body of the dog.
  • This excellent dog food contains probiotics in an adequate amount so that your dog can easily digest the food.
  • The fatty acids add luster to the skin of the dog in its old age.
  • This dog food is a bit expensive.

12. Wellness Chicken and Rice Complete

Wellness Chicken and Rice Complete

Wellness is another senior dog food with all the nutrients required at their older ages. It is a food supplement that helps dogs who are dealing with obesity.

There are many diseases caused due to obesity, like heart diseases and other forms of health odds at the age of seniority. Thus, this is a unique product by Wellness with the necessary nutrients. Go through its other exciting features in detail.


Helps in Losing Weight: The dog food comes with a fantastic formula that helps senior dogs in losing their weight and lessen the health risks.

Nutrient Supplement: The food is loaded with all nutrients in the right portion as required by senior dogs.

Provides Immunity Against Heart Diseases: Many vets recommend this food for senior dogs to strengthen the immune system and protect them against heart diseases.

  • It is a firm source of essential nutrients.
  • Your dog can be supplemented with all the nutrients through this food.
  • Your dog can lose weight healthily.
  • It is difficult to digest by the dogs with weaker digestive system.

What If The Food Choices For The Dog Tends To Be Wrong?

Proper nutrition is the building block of your dog’s energy. You are choosing a convenient diet for your dog and the right kind of food items. Its heck of an urgent matter that can ultimately have its impact on the health of your dog.

1. While approaching an age of seniority, the dogs show signs of aging and develop a significant risk of developing diabetes, arthritis, low energy issues, etc. Making the wrong choice of food can lead to such complications and diseases.

2. Maintaining a proper diet eventually corrects all sorts of skin issues and slows down the aging process. A dog master needs to research the correct food to prevent the aging of a dog.

Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever

8 Myths Of Dog Nutrition

When it comes to the best foods for older dogs, there are a lot of myths that thrive in the minds of people. Here are some of them to help the senior dog masters to have a good idea about their pet’s diet.

1. Low Protein In Old Age

It is absurd as the protein intake need for your dog keeps on elevating with the gradual approach of it to their senior ages. Proteins are the utmost essential element for the dog’s immune system. It adds up the strength to the muscles and the bones of a dog’s body.

The protein intake even supports the central nervous system of the dog, which ultimately makes the dog feel happy and healthy.

Senior dogs cannot be fed with the lower quality food, which goes less on the protein as this can even pace the process of aging for your dog. This is a failed norm that has been opted by people.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

2. Adding Supplements In The Diet

It is a myth that you have to inject supplements in your dog’s body to provide extra nutrients. The senior dogs might not need any added supplement to their bodies until there is any strong recommendation made by a veterinarian.

Like human bodies, the dog’s health can even get deteriorated with the excess of nutrients. It can only be the case when the dog’s body lacks or falls a deficit of certain nutrients.

3. Low Fat Diet For Senior Dogs

It is a myth that people have tamed for years. During the age of the seniority of your dog, it does not need to have a diet with low fats. It is only applicable for dogs with specific health issues or odds.

A vet might also recommend low-fat dog foods if it is overweight or has acquired some pancreatic or heart-related diseases.

According to the research, most of the senior dogs lead a healthy life when they have Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the food they consume. The source of these fatty acids is poultry food, safflower oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, etc.

Giant Schnauzer
Giant Schnauzer

4. Nutritional Needs Of Senior Dogs

Dogs in their growing stage have a retarded immune system. At this age, it is necessary to check all the nutrients you are providing to your dog.

You can feed them food that provides extra nutrients to your dog to fulfill its nutritional needs. Here, you will get complete information about the nutrients needed by a senior dog.

5. Complex Carbohydrates

It is a necessary form of nutrients that can keep your dogs active even at an older age. The complex carbs are a must in the best dog food for senior dogs so that it can feel filled and have balanced energy levels throughout the day.

You must buy a portion of dog food with reasonable amounts of carbohydrates in it.


6. Easily Digestible Lean Proteins

Proteins are always a necessity in a dog’s body. While in the adult age, it is essential to feed your dogs with more protein, but it should be lean so that it can easily be digested.

7. Essential Fatty Acids

As per the notions tamed for ages, some people cease feeding their healthy senior dogs with fat sources. Whereas this can bring a hazardous consequence to the dog’s body.

They require healthy fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acids and linoleic acids to have lustrous skin and healthy fur. It is a crucial part of maintaining the well-balanced nutrition of the dogs.

8. Vitamins And Minerals

How can vitamins and minerals be not crucial for the dog’s body? Thus, taking care of the right amount of dog food can do wonders to attain the perfect health of senior dogs.

Some essential vitamins and minerals to provide as supplements to the older dogs are vitamin A, D, E, K, as well as Zinc, Selenium, Copper, etc. Biotin and folates are also essential for the dog’s health and fitness.

sapsali dogs
Sapsali dogs

4 Factors To Consider While Buying Best Senior Dog Food

Buying the best senior dog food is not an easy task. A wide array of market products puts masters into sheer confusion.

But, you must determine some factors to choose the right dog food. You can go through the following factors that will help you in buying the right as well as the perfect food for your dog.

1. Nutritional Content

The diet of senior dogs includes lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, etc. The dog food contains a high amount of nutrients, which are essential for the dog’s health.

While buying a portion of senior dog food, you must consider different nutrients. You must check the label and the quantity of every nutrient in the food. Your dog might even need some nutrient supplements if its body lacks.

Japanese Spitz dog
Japanese Spitz dog

2. Taste Of The Dog Food

Your dog might throw tantrums if the food is not tasty. Thus, make sure the senior dog food you are buying should be a delicious treat for your dog.

If your dog likes the taste of the served dog food, then your dog will finish the food and will get all the nutrients from the food. Tasty and delicious food makes your dog feeding job much easy.

3. Ingredients

Pay attention to the ingredients in the dog’s food. You must ensure that your dog might not be allergic to some ingredients.

You should ask the veterinarian for the ingredients to serve your dog. You should avoid those ingredients that make your dog allergic. It is necessary to check the ingredients on the label of the dog food to prevent allergic food away from your dog.

Lhasa Apso dog
Lhasa Apso

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4. Expiry Date

Many people fail to check this out, but feeding dogs with expired food items lead to hazardous consequences. The date of food expiry is mentioned right at the back of the package. You need to check every detail on the label before purchasing the dog food.

After considering these factors, you can choose the healthiest food for your dog, who is approaching old age.

How To Feed Old Dogs?

Senior dogs are generally less active. They have a slower metabolic rate. Hence, much care has to be taken when the dogs are about to approach old age.

They have an appetite issue, and above all, they continuously acquire health issues. Fewer things are to be brought to notice in such case:

english springer spaniel brown
english springer spaniel brown

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1. Health Condition Of Your Dog

Every dog is different in its way. A dog’s food must always be decided according to its healthy condition. You never know if any nutrient might be a deficit in the body of your dog friend.

Mobility problems like osteoarthritis are quite often observed in senior dogs. Thus, this is the first step to be followed to feed your dog in the right way.

2. Nutritious Diet

Nutrients are the essential requirements of the senior dog that allows it to function actively and have a fantastic metabolic rate.

If your dog is suffering from any underlying medical issues like lack or excess of any nutrient in the body, then the nutritive quotient in the food must be customized accordingly. Thus, the nutrients in the food must be beneficial for your dog’s health.

corgi dog
corgi dog

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3. Weight Control

While dealing with the senior dog’s food, it is always preferable to feed them with fewer calories. Obesity in an old age welcomes many critical health complications like heart diseases, which are the most common ones.

Paying attention to these factors can help you feed your senior dog in the right way. Before choosing a senior dog food, you first need to determine the essential nutrients that your dog’s body needs.

You can also take help from your vet as they can suggest you better about the right approaches of feeding your senior dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Senior Diet Needs To Go Low on Protein?

No, it is not required as long as is not suggested by a vet. The older dogs need more lean protein to strengthen their bones and muscles.

Catahoula Leopard Dog
Catahoula Leopard Dog

Thus, protein must be a significant nutrient in their diet. With age, the bones and muscles get weak, and your dog becomes dull and lethargic. The high-protein diet enhances their stamina and makes them cheerful.

2. When To Switch The Diet Of My Dog To A Senior Dog’s One?

It depends on the age as well as the health condition of your dog. But, some vets consider the age from 5 to 7 years. It is the time when they should undergo a switch in diet.

The nutrient needs of the dog change with age, but after consulting the vet, you can confidently change the diet.Is Senior Dog Food Necessary?

Yes, it is. After entering the old age, the rate of metabolism and digestion decreases slowly. In this case, it requires good food, which is loaded with high-quality nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

This dog food is very light on their digestive system and can absorb all the nutrients that their body needs to stay fit..

Bluetick Coonhound
Bluetick Coonhound

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Picking up the right food quality for your dog is quite an important matter to focus on when your pet dog is approaching an age of seniority. All the essential nutrients must be loaded in the dog food that is required by a healthy senior dog.

A proper diet can determine the shape of your dog’s body. Your dog must not be overweight during its senior age, as this can put a lot of strain on its heart.

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, then all you need to do is to maintain a right and balanced diet. You need to feed the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to your senior dog so that they stay healthy..

If you have a senior dog at your home, then you have an extra-added pressure of maintaining perfect health even if it has a slower metabolic rate. Opting to a balanced diet for senior dog pays off. A healthier dog stays active and playful even at an older age.

brown boxer dog
brown boxer dog

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