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15 Best Harness For Small Dogs Options (2021): Reviews & Buying Guide

There is nothing to deny in the ultimate statement, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” This four-legged creature has so much to offer to all individuals. Apart from keeping all owners safe and secure, dogs are good nurturing creatures as well. Some dogs are taken as therapists too. Thus, within the whole spectrum of having a dog with you, you must understand the value of the animal.

When keeping a dog at home, you need to make sure that you care for them in the right way. From scheduling their food timings, bath times as well as walking scenarios, everything needs to be handled properly. Especially when you have a puppy or a smaller dog breed at home, owners have to be a little careful about their routine. When taking your little pups for a long walk, you must have the right accessory with you. For simple training as well, a harness comes handy.

A harness is a simple and less complicated accessory, which keeps your dogs safe while they are out on the road. Harnesses are usually tied around the neck and are less restrictive in nature. These are far better than a collar and leash, simply because they are comfortable. Therefore, if your dog is well-trained, having a harness tied is not a major issue.

Even for small dogs with neck problems, a harness does the task. Since the harness goes down your body, you must check the size of the product. Harnesses typically release excess weight from the dog’s neck area and keep them happy. Since there are so many harness styles available, buyers have to make sure that they get the best harness for small dogs. Therefore, below are some of the factors that will help you purchase the harness without added difficulty!

Top 15 Best Harness That Can Be Used For Small Dogs

1. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness Best Harness for small dogs

For a harness that is comfortable for your dogs to wear, you can always take note of Rabbitgoo no-pull harnesses, which is completely fur-friendly. This best harness for small dogs is meant to be used for all small breeds, without any challenge. The clip-on adjustment is super easy to control, and your dog can even enjoy all walks freely.

The best part of having this harness is its low-price tag. Carefully crafted with the best fabric, this harness is meant to increase the comfort level of your dog.

The premium feature of this harness is its metal leash, which consists of dual attachments on the sides. Ideal for all outdoor activities like jogging, walking, or even normal training conditions, the adjustable straps will flawlessly fit into your dog’s body.

2. Best Pet Supplies Dog Harness

Best Pet Dog Supplies Harness

One of the best ever small dog harnesses that will keep your dog safe and secure is the voyage step-in air harness. The fabric of this harness consists of mesh, which keeps the dog fur soft and perfectly breathable. Buckling up the dog is also easy, with the double D-rings metal style buckle, which further enhances the safety of your little dog. In addition to that, the loop and the hook of the harness is strong and lends extra back support as well.

You can purchase this harness at a pretty reasonable price. You can find the right size of this harness with various attractive colors. The user-manual given with the packaging lists all the steps that you can follow to buckle up your dog in minutes. Therefore, let your dog have some real fun outside with this step-in harness.

3. Babygirl Big Dog Harness

Babygirl Big Dog Harness

To completely enhance the personality of your dog, you must purchase a harness that is easy to use and comfortable for the animal. With this regard, one of the best small dog harness, which is pretty much affordable, is the no-pull adjustable harness by babygirl. This harness model is not only easy to control but is added with some extra functions as well.

The front leash attachment of this harness makes it all the easier to reflect on the controlling the angle of the harness. This harness is pretty great in terms of budget, style, and looks. The breathable fabric and the easy to put-on feature make this harness a great product for all small dog breeds.

4. Metric USA Small Dog Harness

Metric USA Small Dog Harness

For all small dog breeds, one of the best harnesses that will guarantee safety is the Metric USA comfort fit no-pull harness. This harness is reflective, with its easy to release feature. There are two-reinforced D-rings attached to the sides of the buckle so that it is easy to tighten or loosen the harness. The style of this harness keeps the dog comfortable for all outdoor activities.

There is a lifetime guarantee available with this harness. There are various sizes of this harness available. The smallest one will fit a dog with chest size, 13 to 18 inches! Therefore, let your dog have all the fun with this comfortable fit harness! A user-manual is also given with the packaging. You can read the details to know more about the usage of the harness.

5. Downtown Step-in Harness

Downtown Step-in Harness

One of the best harness models, which will guarantee comfort for your little furry buddy, is the downtown pet supplied no-pull harness. The style of this mattress is step-in, thereby distributing the pressure on the hands and less on the body. The additional foaming front of the harness and the breathable fabric makes this harness quite cool. In addition to that, triple security of this harness features the ‘double-stitched fabric, the metal D-rings, and the Velcro closure’.

Also, for dogs who are undergoing training, this harness will exactly deal with the pressure. A size chart is available for this harness, in case you are a little ambiguous about the chest size of your dog. The longevity of this harness will help your pup, take a walk with confidence.

6. Bolux Dog Harness

Bolux Dog Harness

To ensure that your dog feels all relaxed and calm in the harness, it is essential that take a look at the quality and style of the model that you are purchasing. On that note, the Bolux dog harness consists of some extraordinary features, like dual safety options, which keeps your dog secure for all outdoor activities.

Considered to be one of the best harness for small dogs, the style of this harness is ideal for all sorts of outdoor dog sessions, like hunting, walking, training, etc. This harness is pretty much easy to insert, because of its slip-in nature.

The nylon fabric of this harness is completely breathable. Once you insert the harness on your dog, your pet will have a fun outdoor day. The strength, as well as the durability of the fabric of this harness, keeps up with its easy control feature. This harness is also waterproof and can be worn during rainy days as well.

7. Poy Pet Harness

Poy Pet Harness

One of the most crucial elements that need to be taken care of is the adjustments of the harness. On that note, one of the best dog harness for small dogs is presented by poy pet. It’s no pull dog harness that has some excellent features like ‘’ double leash attachment, 3M reflective fabric, etc.’’. The best part of having this harness is its safety functions.

The black mesh pocket that is attached to the side of the harness, helps in keeping up with your dog information. A variety of colors are available, which owners can purchase. Ensuring complete safety, this harness lives up to your expectations. The overall features of this harness will never fail to impress you! In terms of budget, you have a 100% guarantee, with lifetime warranty available.

8. Copatchy Dog Harness

Copatchy Dog Harness

A harness that is not only adjustable but equally reflective in nature is the Copatchy no-pull harness. Considered one of the best harness for small dogs, the dual adjustments guarantee your dog’s safety always. In addition to that, the handles attached to the harness are 100% solid, thereby preparing your dog for hassle-free walks.

A separate size chart is available for the dog harness. You can choose the appropriate size of the harness, along with its color and pattern too. The durable, stretchy and breathable fabric makes up for the ultimate comfort of the harness.

9. Best Pet Supplies Vest Harness

Best Pet Supplies Vest Harness

If you want your small dog to have some extra comfort, then you can purchase the Voyage step-in padded harness. Some of the most exciting features that this harness is invested with are its ‘’warm plush lining, the reflective and solid bands, the hook fastener, as well as the D-rings’’. The buckle is made of sturdy metal, giving your dog the much-needed safety.

This harness is in the form of a step-in style. Your dog will love to go out for walks, once this harness is on. Safety instructions for setting up the harness are available in the user manual. This harness comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

10. Juxzh Truelove Dog Harness

Juxzh Truelove Dog Harness

To ensure that your dog stays comfortable for outdoor activity sessions, one of the best harness for small dogs that you will truly love is the Juxzh true love soft harness. The nylon material is not only breathable but is also reflective in nature. With good visibility, even in low light, you can keep your dog safe always. The best part of purchasing this mattress is its sponge padding and extra soft interior. The fabric will never disappoint you.

This harness comes with an aluminum alloy ring. The buckle of the harness is also tight and the product is durable. Your dog’s safety is never compromised with this true love front dog harness. The double adjustments at the side further enhance security, and keeps the pressure off your dog’s neck!

11. Ruffwear No-pull Harness

Ruffwear No-pull Harness

The all-new range of Ruffwear harnesses for small dogs is best in terms of its attractive features. Made with the best quality fabric, the harness is pretty durable and is portable too. The buckle is strong enough to keep the harness in place. Designed for all small dog breeds, this harness is one of the best small dog harness, in terms of price, features, and longevity.

If you are introducing your dogs to harness for the very first time, then nothing can be better than this no-pull harness model. There are several colors of this harness available. It is advised that you read the terms and conditions of adjustments, before purchasing this harness.

12. Cymiler Dog Harness

Cymiler Dog Harness

If you are looking for a high-quality and perfect harness that is crafted with fineness, you have to take note of the Cymiler dog harness. Reviewed as one of the best dog harness for small dogs, the harness is designed with the breathable fabric, with a soft sponge lining as well. The sturdy D-rings of the harness ensures that your dog stays safe, and carries out all outdoor activities without any complexities.

The no-pull technique keeps the dogs safe. In addition to that, it is easy for you to walk your dog, without any pressure near the neck and chest area. This harness comes with a warranty card as well. For setting up the harness, you can follow the instructions dictated in the user manual.

13. Gooby Step-in Fit Harness

Gooby Step-in Fit Harness

For buying a harness for small dog breeds, you need to check with the size and its adjustment functions first. On that note, the Gooby escape step-in harness is there to comfort your dog in the best way possible. Being one of the best harness for small dogs, the nylon fabric of the harness is breathable and its adjustments can be increased or decreased.

This harness has a padded shoulder and is considered completely safe to support the chest and back of the dog. The harness can be cleaned easily and machine-wash is also applicable. The leash ring is not only sturdy but is also durable, even after daily use.

14. Voopet Dog Harness

Voopet Dog Harness

For all service dogs out there, nothing can be better than having the best quality harness that will ensure comfort and safety. Therefore, the Voopet service dog harness is there to support your outdoor activities. The mesh structure, fine breathable fabric, and water-proof buckle make this harness, one of the best in the market. This harness can be worn for all seasons without causing discomfort. Suitable colors of this harness are also available.

You can secure your pet with the double adjustments, available at the side of the harness. Voopet offers a wide range of colors on the harnesses that you wish to buy. A lifetime warranty is also available with this model. Because of the durability of the fabric, your dog will be able to enjoy all outdoor play sessions. This harness can be used for multipurpose activities like hunting, training, etc.

15. Pupteck Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Pupteck Soft Mesh Dog Harness

For the little furry friend of yours, one of the best dog harness for small dogs is the Pupteck’s soft mesh dog harness. The polyester and cotton blended fabric is not only soft in nature, but it’s breathable and comfortable at the same time.

There are more than three different designs of this harness available, with exciting color options too. The harness can be adjusted as per the chest size of the dog. The buckle attached to the harness consists of the D-ring, which promotes all-round safety.

This harness can be used for all outdoor play sessions like hunting and even casual walks. The harness is not only light-weighted in nature, but is smooth to insert over the dog too. Therefore, if you are too concerned about your dog’s safety, then this harness will never fail to impress you.

7 Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Harness For Small Dogs

One of the most accessories that all dog owners should have is the harness. For all possible circumstances, a harness acts as a shield for your dog. Some of the common conditions for which harnesses are used are as follows:

  • Securing your small dog for long-distance travel in your car.
  • Protecting them from going astray
  • Stopping them from accidental attacks from other dogs.
  • Walking them to the park
  • Keeping them safe and away from all kinds of injuries.
  • Keeping your dog all under control.

With all of the above conditions, it is really critical for buyers to understand the necessity of the harness. Therefore, buyers should come to know about the measurements of the harness before finalizing a purchase. Accordingly, some of the factors that you should look into when carefully purchasing the best harness for small dogs are as follows:

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

1. The Neck And Chest Measurements Of The Dog

One of the major factors that you need to keep in mind when buying the best harness for small dogs is to keep the dimensions in mind. Before you head to the store, or even think of buying the product online, analyze the basic neck and chest measurements. Your dog needs to feel comfortable in the harness. Too tight or too loose products will cause high discomfort to the animal.

Therefore, measuring your small dog breed is a huge responsibility. The exact measurement can be calculated using a small tape. To measure the neck, carefully adjust the tape and ask someone to calculate the centimeters. The same goes for the chest as well.

You must calculate the full chest size, as the harness tends to get tightened there. Sometimes, you can take help from your store owner as well, who will give you the best harness size for your pet dog. Also, the harness should live up to its quality as well. With all of the above concerns, buyers should carefully get the perfect size of the harness.

Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu

2. Weight Of The Small Dog

Before you head to the store, it is the owner’s sole responsibility to calculate the measurements of the dog. In addition to that, the harness needs to be purchased, based on the weight of the dog as well. Typically, the style and design of the harness change from one dog breed to the other. For small dogs, it is good to take note of the weight of the dog first. In order to figure out the right harness size, take continuous note of the weight of the dog.

However, it is advised for dog owners to monitor the weight for some time and purchase the harness accordingly. Never make the mistake of buying a harness that is too small or too big for your dog. In this way, you won’t be able to use it for your little furry friend at all. Always keep the weight factor in mind, before you make an attempt to buy a good quality harness.


3. Types Of Harnesses

This is the most tricky and challenging aspect for owners to consider. In order to buy the best harness for small dogs, you must also take notice of the types of harness styles available in the market. A brief guide about the various models is as follows:

  • Step In Harness

This is the type of harness that is the most common one in the market. Here, your dog literally needs to step into it, easily. You can then tighten the grip of the harness and conduct outdoor activities smoothly.

  • Over-head Harness

Opposite to step-in harness is the over-head harness. Here, the product slides over the head of the dog and gets placed accordingly. This harness secures your entire back posture and keeps the animal comfortable throughout.

  • Standard Harness

For standard harnesses, the chest and the back get some additional support, only because the force gets equally distributed in the body. This type of harness is recommended for small dogs, especially corgis and pooch breeds.

  • No-pull Harness

This is another type of harness, which is also suitable for small dogs. Here, the harness will slowly tighten itself, as the dog pulls it. The force here is directed towards the hands of the dog and not towards the neck. If your dog feels some irritation with this harness, you can definitely go for other varieties.

  • Back Clip Harness

Clip harness is one of the best harnesses for small dogs. This is because the clipping is present at the back of the neck of the dog, which further releases pressure and keeps all sorts of throat problems at bay. Clip harnesses are meant to be used for your little pups, especially while they are on their training period.

  • Front Clip Harness

This type of harness is common for both small breeds as well as large breed dogs. The clip here is present at the front of the harness, near the neck. This prevents the dog from pulling the leash towards themselves. However, if you are looking to buy this harness, follow the safety instructions, and adjust the location.

  • Safety Harness

A special type of harness, known as the ‘safety harness,’ is also present for small dogs. There are specially used for experienced dogs, who are well-trained. However, even if your dog is a little too aggressive, this type of harness will truly work wonders.

Löwchen dog
Löwchen dog

4. Buckles

When planning to buy the best harness for small dogs, you also need to consider the buckle as well. Now, there are both plastics as well as metal buckles available. For light-duty outdoor activities or even for small dogs, a plastic buckle is good enough and will also be safe. On the other hand, you must also choose the buckle, based on the harness style you opt for. Always keep your dog’s safety in mind. For energetic and highly active dogs, you should go for the metal buckle.

5. Adjustments Of The Harness

Once you select the type of harness for your small little dog, it’s time that you take note of the adjustments of the harness as well. It is critical and necessary to note down a few points of control before you finalize your harness. It is recommended that you choose five or even four points of adjustments, depending on the harness style. The adjustment should typically concentrate around the neck and chest area of the dog. Thus, make sure that your dog has no point of choking.


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6. The Quality Of The Harness

While buyers take note of the adjustments and the size of the harness, the quality of the harness is sometimes overlooked. Therefore, it is to bring to the notice of all buyers that the fabric quality should not be compromised at all. You do not want the harness material to tear off, only after two days of use.

Additionally, the harness color should also not fade away easily. Therefore, you need to pay some extra attention to the quality of the harness as well, before buying one! After all, you want your dog to be happy, isn’t it?

7. Overall Cost

Apart from the above conditions, the essential factor that will decide the fate of the best harness for small dogs is its total price. Now, the amount you have to pay for the harness depends on all of the above-listed factors like adjustments, size, styles, as well as buckle quality.

Although harnesses do not cost much, owners must figure out the average money to be spent on buying the harness. If you are willing to invest in a good quality harness, it is worth it all. But, there are budgeted harness models available as well. You can go for any harness you like, based on the proper requirements of your little pet.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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How To Fit The Harness For Small Dogs?

While the major buying guide and the best harness pieces are now clear to you, let’s follow the steps that will guide you to insert the harness carefully on your little creature:

Step 1

Once you have the harness with you, the major point of concern must be tightening the buckle in the beginning. Do not make it too tight or keep it too loose. One of the best ways to check the buckle position is to insert your fingers and check the harness point.

Step 2

Now, slowly insert the harness onto your dog, based on the style that you have opted for. If there are signs of instant fur damage or pain, remove the harness immediately. However, now adjust the harness near the chest of the dog.

Shetland Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog

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Step 3

Once the harness is adjusted, you must check the buckle once more. All harness points should fit appropriately in their significant positions. Finally, test the dog harness and check, if your dog is comfortable or not.

It is really essential to read the essential terms and conditions of the harness, before inserting it on your dog. Follow the path of installing the harness as listed by the manufacturers. This will help in keeping your little dog breed happy!

5 Common FAQs Answered About Harness For Small Dogs

For all outdoor dog activities, having a harness is essential, so as to keep your furry friend safe. Dogs typically get excited when they go outside and meet new friends. Therefore, you have to make sure that the harness you purchase, lives up to your quality and expectations. However, some buyers are troubled with some common questions, just because they are not used to the accessory. Therefore, some frequently asked questions about the best harness for small dogs are listed below:


1. What Is The Average Width Of The Strap Of The Harness?

The width of the strap is equally important to keep your dog comfortable throughout, while the harness is inserted. However, the harness strap varies in width, depending on the size that you purchase. Overall, the strap is adjusted with the adjustments of the harness itself.

2. How Do I Adjust The Weight Of The Dog And The Size Of The Harness?

For the best harness for small dogs, always keep the weight of your dog in mind and the size that you want to purchase. If the harness is too big, you can check the measurements when you buy the harness. Commonly, the harness can be adjusted, according to the breed you have at home.

Shih Tzu white and brown dog
Shih Tzu

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3. Can I Get Colorful Dog Harnesses?

Definitely! If your dog loves color, there nothing can stop you from buying colorful harnesses as well. Give your dog some colorful charm with the best harness!

4. Are There Common Issues Of The Harness Strap Slipping Off The Chest Of The Dog?

Well, there hasn’t been any problem with the harness slipping off from the chest of the dog. Once you insert the harness on the dog, it sets in. However, some harnesses come with additional side attachments and locks, which further increases safety. You can adjust the harness accordingly before you take your dog for outdoor activities.

5. Can A Small Dog Wear A Collar, Along With The Harness?

There is no problem with a dog wearing a collar, along with the harness. In case your dog is slightly feeling discomfort, you can remove the collar.

blue eyed dog breeds
blue eyed dog breeds

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I covered all of the costs associated with writing this post on best harness for small dogs. However, it does contain affiliate links. That means if you click through on some of the links in this article and end up making a purchase I may receive a small commission. It won’t affect the price that you pay. Just wanted to let you know.

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