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19 Best Dog Training Collars That Really Work (2022)

A well-behaved dog is a good dog. It’s also a telling sign of good training. However, properly training your pet can be hard sometimes, even more so when you’re dealing with stubborn dogs.

Sometimes you need all the help you can get, so you might be considering getting a training collar. Luckily for you, we know all about them and don’t mind sharing the knowledge, so you can decide for yourself which one is the best dog training collar for your rebellious pet.

Every dog is different, they come in every shape and size. Likewise, each one has its own personality, and that means some training methods won’t be as effective as others.

On the same note, it also implies that when it comes to accessories like this they’re likely to prefer one type of collar over the rest. To get the best result possible, you’ll need to find a training collar that’s a good match for your buddy.

To help you with that, we’ll explain a few things about dog training and review the best dog training collars available in the market right now.

When we’re done, you’ll be able to plan out effective and safe ways to train your dog, so let’s get down to it already.

19 Best Dog Training Collars

1. Dog Care Waterproof

Dog Care Best Dog Training Collar

The guys from DOG CARE definitely know their stuff, and this collar is a great demonstration of that. It’s all the things the best dog training collar should be. And at a great price, too.

Something that professional trainers will love is the capacity to pair up to 9 receivers to the same remote. You can switch freely between them with the press of a button, as simple as that.

You can train a whole pack of dogs simultaneously using only one little controller. You’ll need to keep an eye on which collar is receiving the signals when using this feature, though.

Another great thing to consider if you’re getting this for professional use is the quality of the materials. It’s made to last years, unlike other systems that only help you train a few dogs and then fall apart. This is a reliable choice for people that are actually going to need something strong and durable. It makes a good investment for professionals.

On top of that, it’s great that it comes with a lock to keep you from misoperating the device. You can safely keep the remote in your pocket, knowing no dog will get shocked by mistake. It only falls short on the operative range department, being somewhat limited. But overall, it’s a great product.

  • Controller can be paired to 9 receivers simultaneously
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Security lock keeps you from mis-operating the controller
  • Coverage range is a little short for outdoors

2. TBI Pro Training Collar with Remote


Another great alternative for professionals. This collar is a valuable addition to your training sessions. Some unique features make this set stand out among the rest, making it a worthy contender for the spot as the best electric collar. It is also good for any size or breed, so you’ll find that you only need one collar to properly train any dog in your care.

The package includes an eco-leather strap that’s better than most other straps available. Its black color is very discreet and the strap itself is really strong. We would choose this system just for that strap. That the strap is very comfortable just makes it even better.

The buttons on the remote are arranged in a way that’s very practical. It has two separate buttons to increase or decrease the level of stimulation.

One adjusts the intensity of the electric shock, and the other is for the vibration settings. We’re huge fans of dedicated buttons because they save us precious time when we’re trying to teach a new command to a dog. And during emergencies, they can be lifesavers.

It has the capability to sync two receivers at the same time. This is good, but as something with the word “professional” in its name, we expected that number to be between 3-5, at least.

  • Best strap on the market
  • Extremely durable
  • The controller has the perfect amount of buttons
  • Some people find it tricky to pair the remote to the receiver

3. Dog Care TC01Dog Care TC01

DOG CARE has a long history of making quality products to improve the relationships between pets and owners. They achieve that goal by understanding the behavior and the motivations behind it. With that in mind, they developed this system as an effective way to train your dog in a quick and safe manner.

It offers a very friendly user experience. Their simplistic approach is efficient and smart, saving everyone valuable time. We love that mindset. And the best part is that it’s still a very affordable alternative. You get the best shock collar for dogs at the same price you would pay for a regular training collar. It’s a great deal all around.

Coverage range is standard for this list, which is above the general standard for this kind of device. It’s good enough to reach your dog, even if the receiver is on the opposite side of your house.

However, we don’t advise using it to hunt or taking your dog to the park. The range is good, but not that good. An energetic breed could escape from the operative range without too much effort.

A great thing about this set is the capability to pair up to 9 receivers to the same controller. It’s something that a professional would like to have. Overall, it’s a good candidate for the title of best dog training collar.

  • Guaranteed by DOG CARE’s return and refund policies
  • Sturdy piece of equipment
  • Capability to pair 9 different receivers simultaneously
  • Short battery life

4. Patpet Shock Collar


This is one of the most user-friendly sets on this list. This e-collar has the right amount of buttons to keep things simple and straightforward. The buttons are set in a way that allows instinctive use, even without looking at the remote.

The design of the remote is ergonomic, fitting in your hand in a very pleasing way. You can play around with your dog safely without worrying about pressing a button by mistake. It also allows pairing with two receivers at the same time, which is a welcome bonus. You only have to switch the channel and send the signals to the second collar.

It’s suitable for dogs of all sizes. This is great, considering that you might want to reuse it on a different dog once you’ve completed training your dog.

Since this collar is very effective, your dog shouldn’t need it after a couple of weeks. After that, you can train a different dog, no matter the size. You would only need to fit the collar and adjust the stimulation settings.

However, the coverage range is subpar. It only works if you’re within a 1000ft distance from your dog. This could be a problem if you want to take your dog to a larger area. If your dog likes to run around a lot, you might want to consider getting something with a better range.

  • Dual channel to pair two different receivers
  • Great controller design
  • Good battery life
  • Small coverage range

5. Educator E-Collar

Educator E-Collar

This training collar is a safe bet for energetic breeds. Waterproof, shockproof and built to last, it’s good for every environment. The best thing about it is the wide range of coverage it provides, making it great for training outdoors in large areas.

The set also offers a fair variety of stimulation settings. Since it comes with vibration and a warning tone included, you’ll only have to rely on the static shocks for emergencies and such.

Even then, the stimulation is described as “blunt” instead of “sharp”, which prevents your dog from suffering unnecessary stress. We found that dogs using this device neither jerk their heads to express discomfort nor get scared when it’s time to put the collar on.

The transmitter’s impressive range of coverage will allow your dog to roam around freely. That way, you won’t have to worry about the dog getting out of your reach, giving both of you more room to play and train. Knowing you can discipline your dog even if it is half a mile away, you’ll develop a relationship with your dog based on trust and mutual understanding.

This is not a cheap alternative, though. It might be the best electric dog collar available, but it’s rather on the expensive side. If you’re looking for something more modest, you might want to check out some of the other items on this list.

  • Outstanding coverage range
  • Waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • It’s expensive
  • Short battery life

6. Dog Care TC05

Dog Care TC05

We think that DOG CARE makes the best training collars for dogs, so we felt the need to add another item from them to this list. It’s waterproof, shockproof and effective. It checks all the major boxes needed to be considered one of the best dog training collars available.

This model offers a different controller, for those who prefer a smaller device to deliver the signals. It’s a great thing considering that you might want to keep it in your pocket when you’re playing with your pet. The protective lock it includes ensures that you are able to move around without accidentally pressing a button.

The controller has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand, giving you a strong grip on the device. The buttons are arranged thoughtfully to give you easy access to apply corrective measures when needed. It’s simple and effective, the way we like it.

It’s a pity that it lacks the dual channel to pair different receivers to one transmitter. If you think that’s a deal breaker, you might want to check out the TC01 model. We would love a wider range of coverage, too. Still, it comes at a fair price, so we’re not really complaining.

  • Small and well-designed controller
  • Protective lock switch
  • User-friendly
  • Can’t be paired to more than one receiver
  • Short coverage range

7. Patpet IPX7

Patpet IPX7

As expected, PATPET’s team presented us with another quality product. This is one of our favorite items on this list, and we’ll tell you why: 3000ft coverage range. That’s above the standard by a long margin.

This system is, as expected, waterproof and shockproof. It’s built to last a really long time, and it’s likely that you’ll never break it. The best part is that it isn’t really that expensive. Just a little above average, but still totally affordable.

Knowing it’s some high-quality stuff you’re buying, you can see that as an investment. It couldn’t be seen as expensive if it still has a great price/value ratio, right?

You can count on the battery to last at least a week, and that is if you’re using it regularly. It comes with that sweet simultaneous charging feature that we all love, so you’re always ready to go. Besides, it doesn’t take too long for the battery to be fully charged, which is great. It’s good to find a good shock collar that doesn’t have to be charged every other day.

Too bad that the amazing range can be highly limited by the surrounding radio interference. It would still work, but you won’t get to experience the full range of coverage this amazing device has to offer.

  • Impressive coverage range
  • Really hard to break
  • Great battery life
  • Prone to suffer from radio interference
  • Price is above average

8. Moer Sky

Moer Sky

At this point, one would think that any training collar with a good coverage range it’s bound to be more expensive. This collar is here to prove us wrong on that assessment, being in the same price range as most other items on this list. That makes this set the best long-range training collar for people on a budget.

The range is so impressive that some people use it as a pager for trained dogs. Once you’ve taught your dog to come to you when he hears the beep, you’ll be able to call him from a distance up to 2500ft. We haven’t tried that, but we’re definitely going to when we have the chance.

It’s water-resistant, but we wouldn’t suggest putting it through full immersion. While many others have an IP70 waterproof certification, this collar only has an IP67. It should be enough to allow your dog to play in the snow or rain, but not much more. It’s likely that it’ll stop working if your dog decides to go for a swim while wearing it.

One of the most appealing things about it is that Moer Sky provides a 12 month return and refund guarantee policy. That’s something that always makes us feel more secure about buying a product. Aside from the fact that they’ll help you if you run into any issue, of course.

  • 2600ft coverage range
  • Great price/value ratio
  • 12 month return and refund guarantee
  • It’s not completely waterproof

9. Ankace Collar


A great shock collar for people on a budget. It’s a very complete package that has everything you’ll need to properly train your pet. This set includes a lot of accessories. To name a few, it comes with two different straps, several probes and silicone covers, a test bulb, and a wrist strap for you. All of that at a very affordable price.

The reflective straps are really useful for people that enjoy evening adventures with their pets. They help you locate a dog from a distance even if you can’t actually see the dog. Some other collars come with an LED light for that, but a reflective strap won’t consume your battery. Besides, they look great on your dog.

The coverage range is good, but the signal’s fidelity is even better. The technology implemented to deliver the signals is unlikely to suffer from radio interference. You’ll feel better knowing that, if your dog is within range, you’ll be able to apply corrective measures. In this area, this collar excels over the rest.

Accidental shock protection mode is a feature that prevents you from harming your dog by mistakenly pressing the buttons. We think that’s a smart choice. If you discipline your pet without misbehavior to correct, he won’t understand what’s going on. That could be detrimental to the training process overall.

  • Great price/value ratio
  • Good for urban environments
  • Accidental shock protect mode
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to pair the receiver and the remote

9. Petrainer PET619A

Petrainer PET619A

This gem from Petrainer’s lab is a great addition to this list, being one of the best e-collars for dogs available. It’s a collar that fits dogs of almost every size. With its silicon covered prongs, it’s assured that it’ll work even on dogs with super thick fur. You only need to fit it properly and start training your dog. In a couple of weeks, you’ll get rid of any misconduct from your dog.

We usually prefer a controller with more buttons, but there’s something about this simplistic approach that won our hearts. The remote has only 3 buttons and a rotary knob to deliver the stimulation and adjust the level of such stimuli. It’s so straightforward that we couldn’t complain even if we wanted to.

This minimalist design comes with the benefit of making it good for blind use. It’s so easy to tell the buttons apart that you won’t have to bother looking at your controller. That way you can keep an eye on your dog’s behavior when you’re applying corrective measures and get better results.

The antenna is specially designed to allow delivering signals through walls and any other obstacles that are between you and your dog. It has a fairly wide coverage area, although we would love it if it were a little larger. Still, signal fidelity came first when this device was conceived, and that’s a good approach too.

  • Simple design
  • Very user friendly
  • Signal can easily go through walls
  • Short operative range
  • Unimpressive battery life

10. Garmin BarkLimiter


As you may have guessed, this item is different from the others on this list. It’s an anti-bark collar, meaning that its sole purpose is to correct incessant barking. It’s not something for teaching your dog to do other things besides that. However, it’s likely that this is the most effective item on this list.

We really like this collar because it doesn’t require any input to correct annoying barking. A sensor detects the vibrations in your dog’s neck and reacts accordingly. That’s not only practical but more effective than conventional training methods.

It’s even more effective than using a shock collar for the same purpose because the signals are delivered every time, not just when you happen to have the control at hand.

It’s even smart enough to adjust the stimulation levels by itself. It starts on the lowest setting available, and gradually increases the strength of the stimulation if your dog chooses to ignore it. No dog makes it to the maximum level, because by that time the barking has been successfully corrected.

For those against using static shocks to correct poor behavior, there’s a vibration setting that could be just as effective. It’s a humane way to solve that problem, but might not work on some dogs. Still, it’s worth a shot.

  • Doesn’t require manual input to deliver stimulation
  • Automatically adjusts the level of stimulation
  • Great battery life
  • Use is limited to barking correction
  • Doesn’t include silicon covers for the contact points

11. Fimitech Training Collar


This is one of the most practical sets on this list. We found the capability to charge the remote and the receiver simultaneously with the same USB cable very useful. It makes so much sense to have the charger designed that way since it’s a great way to save some time.

It includes two straps. One is made of PVC, good for outdoor activities, and easier to clean up later. The other one is a nylon strap that will allow your dog’s neck to breathe on hot days. Both are really strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

The remote can be paired with two receivers, making it great for people with multiple pets. However, the package only includes one receiver. There’s also a fairly sized LCD screen on the transmitter that’ll show you the level of stimulation. It also shows which device is receiving the signal, to avoid confusion and counterproductive mistakes.

Battery life is pretty good. The rechargeable battery can last several days without having to be recharged again. It’s better than most other sets we’ve tested, being poor battery life is a common downside found in shock collars. The coverage range is good enough, but not exceptional.

  • Includes 2 different straps
  • Transmitter can be paired with 2 receivers
  • USB cable can be plugged into transmitter and receiver simultaneously
  • Great battery life
  • It’s a little bulky
  • Commands can’t be sent to both receivers at the same time

12. F-color Waterproof


This training collar is an affordable alternative to F-color. They are known for making quality products and this is their take on what the best dog training collar should be like. A good choice, if you’re looking for the best value for your money.

The remote’s design’s smart. It has dedicated buttons for each function and setting. This is good for easy access to disciplinary measures at the moment misbehavior occurs. It’s good that you have to press the button twice to switch between stimulation modes – it helps to prevent mistakes.

Besides, the range of coverage it provides it’s great. It’s above the standard by a long shot. Most collars are good in a range of 1000-1500 feet. This one goes up to 2600 feet without losing coverage. You can safely take your dog to the park knowing you can rely on this collar if needed.

Depending on the use, battery life can last from 4-5 days to 2 weeks. And you can charge the receiver and the remote simultaneously with the USB included, which is very practical.

A huge downside to this set is the lack of proper waterproofing. There’s a reason it’s only advertised as being rainproof. If it were to be totally submerged, not only it’s likely that it’ll stop working, but it could also hurt your dog.

  • 2600ft coverage range
  • Great battery life
  • Receiver and transmitter can be charged simultaneously
  • Not completely waterproof
  • LED light consumes too much battery

13. Wolfwill 


This is an alternative for those who don’t like the whole electric shocks deal. It’s okay for you to feel uncomfortable about strength training methods on your dog. Don’t worry, there are ways to safely train your pet, without relying on such methods.

WOLFWILL’s training collar is the best no shock training collar available. It lacks the capability to zap your dog but has all the other usual functions. You can send an annoying vibration at your dog to let him know that you don’t like a particular behavior. It’s still effective and doesn’t put excessive stress on your dog. It’s a very humane way to train your pets.

However, it may not work on aggressive dogs. Those are likely to ignore the vibration even if it’s set to the highest level. It could work to teach them basic commands, but might not keep them from doing something out of instinct. The drive to follow an instinctive impulse may be stronger than the urge to comply and stop the annoying sensation.

Aside from that, it’s a great collar. It’s a little less effective than a shock collar, but it’s effective enough to work. It’s waterproof, sturdy and has a good range. You only need to have a little extra patience to train your dog properly using this collar. We think that’s a fair deal.

  • Takes a more humane approach
  • Can be operated by blind people
  • Has good coverage range
  • Doesn’t work on aggressive dogs
  • Doesn’t work on dogs with thick fur

14. GoodBoy


The best-looking choice for small dogs‘ owners. This beautiful collar is a training aid that is guaranteed to help you with your stubborn dog. One of the most appealing things about it is the elegant design of the receiver, something rather unusual on a shock collar.

This is by far the most aesthetic item on this list. The collar strap is thin and simplistic, but it’s still very strong and durable. The best part is the receiver, which depicts a diamond pattern that looks great on any dog. In any social setting, your dog will stand out as the most fashionable one.

The remote controller is very nice too. It’s designed in a way that’s both elegant and practical. Current settings are displayed on a black circular LCD screen and arranged in a smart composition. The buttons are barely visible, but each one has a tactile sensation to help you tell them apart without looking at them. We also love the shape and the color of the remote.

Sadly, this set cares more about looks than functionality. Its coverage range is rather short, and there’s no way to graduate the intensity of the vibration setting. Even more, it only has 9 levels of intensity for the static shocks. It still is very effective, so we’ll give it a pass on that.

  • Beautiful design on the remote and receiver
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Good for small dogs
  • Lack of variety on stimulation settings
  • Coverage range is a bit short

15. Willbest


A good option for those needing to train two or more dogs at a time. This collar from WILLBEST comes as an improved version over their older models. Every change made to this newer model was made with the safety and comfort of your pet in mind. And the best of all is that it still has a very affordable price for a set of two receivers and one remote.

This collar’s main selling point is the capacity to sync up to three different receivers to the same remote. It’s a great choice for professionals who train several dogs at the same time. You can even choose between sending the signals individually to each receiver or simultaneously.

It comes equipped with 4 different stimulation modes. The most useful by far is the vibration setting, adjustable to 99 levels of intensity. That way, you’ll only have to rely on the static shocks for emergencies and such. There’s also a warning tone, an alternative that’s really effective on smart dogs once some basic rules have been taught.

The LED light comes in handy when you need to keep an eye on your dog from a distance in a dark environment. If you take into consideration the waterproof receiver, you’ll find that the collar is good for most circumstances. It would be nice to have a waterproof remote too, though.

  • Command up to three receivers simultaneously
  • Switch between group and individual stimulation
  • Good coverage range
  • Remote isn’t waterproof
  • Battery doesn’t last too long

16. Fittidoll


A great training collar at a great price. Fittidoll’s team outdid themselves with this one. It’s a good-looking piece of equipment made of quality materials that won’t break your bank. On top of that, consumers report that it’s very effective on dogs of every size. This collar is a good investment for beginner dog trainers.

The adjustable levels of stimulation ensure that you’ll find a suitable adjustment for your pet. You’ll find even the most stubborn dog obeying your commands quickly. Better yet, many claim to achieve great results without having to apply static charges during training.

However, in case of an emergency, the stimulation can be quickly set to an appropriate level using the rotary knob. You won’t have to waste time pressing the same button dozens of times to reach the desired level.

It can withstand harsh conditions, being waterproof and hard to break. It’s also easy to fit, which is a bonus for those with less experience using this sort of device. A proper fit is the most important thing when you’re using a shock collar.

A cool feature offered by this collar is the evening fluorescent effect that helps you to keep track of your dog during nighttime. It’s not only useful, but it looks really aesthetic too. It’s something pretty to look at, and we know you love that.

  • Great price without compromising quality
  • Evening fluorescent effect
  • Easy to fit
  • Good battery life
  • It’s a little bulky
  • Coverage range is somewhat lacking

17. Petrainer


This is a set that includes two receivers and a transmitter. That’s even better when you consider that the whole set comes at a really fair price. That doesn’t mean it’s poorly built, though, since it still is waterproof and very resistant. It just means it’s a great deal.

Like most good shock collars, it offers different kinds of stimulation. It comes with 100 gradual levels of vibration, and another 100 levels of intensity for the static shock. Besides that, the collar can send an annoying sound to your dog that can be as effective as a shock for a really smart dog.

The only thing we found annoying about this set is the controller’s design. It has only one button to deliver the stimulation. That means sometimes you’ll have to change the stimulation mode first and then press another button to send the signal.

This could be a problem if you have a dog with aggressive tendencies. In an emergency, you won’t have the time to remember doing both of those things before it’s too late.

Still, it’s a great choice if you have two dogs that aren’t particularly aggressive. It’s easy to fit, safe and can be worn by almost any dog, no matter the size. And the split USB allows you to recharge two pieces of the set at the same time, which is really practical.

  • Includes 2 receivers
  • USB cable allows to charge 2 pieces at the same time
  • It’s rather inexpensive
  • Remote doesn’t have dedicated buttons to each stimulation mode

18. Yox


Yox’s team proved themselves worthy of competing for the spot as the best training collar for dogs manufacturers. They delivered a piece of equipment that’s sure to meet everyone’s expectations.

The remote controller is as discreet as they come. It was designed to fit in your hand comfortably, and allow easy access to every button available. We thought the LCD screen on the lower part of the remote was an odd choice, but it somehow works. It looks great, and it’s easier to look at while pointing the antenna at your dog.

One of the best things about this peculiar controller design is having the three main stimulation buttons apart from everything else. To get that straightforward button arrangement, we would usually have to give up on having other buttons at our disposal. With this design, however, we can have both a simple layout and dedicated buttons to control each feature.

Another important thing about this set’s controller is the keypad lock button on the side of the remote. We keep saying that it’s a great way to prevent unfortunate mistakes from happening – because it is. Overall, the controller design is remarkable.

There were only two things that we thought could have been improved by Yox’s team: battery life and fully waterproofing the remote. It’s a shame, but for the price, maybe we’re asking a bit too much from them.

  • Great controller design
  • Keypad lock button
  • Controller can be paired to 3 receivers at the same tim
  • Mediocre battery life-save
  • Remote isn’t fully waterproof

19. Sportdog


Last, but in no way least, is this collar from SportDOG’s repertoire. It’s a high-end product that is sure to make a lasting impression. Of course, it is all the things the best training collar should be. But beware, it has a big price tag attached. Still, even at that price, it’s still something we would buy.

The operative range is great, going strong at 500 yards from the receiver. The best part, however, is that it’s very unlikely that you’ll have any issues with radio interference. This is the kind of device that you can trust, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

Another great thing about this system is the controller’s design. The buttons are set in a way that focuses on the stimulation above anything else. Three buttons deliver continuous static stimulation of different intensities.

It’s also the most ergonomic design out of all the items on this list, which comes in really handy sometimes. Like when you want to run around with your to teach some advanced commands, for example.

But the best thing about it is the size and weight of the receiver. It’s surprisingly small, making it a great alternative for small breeds and young dogs. But it comes at a price: the battery is rather small too. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s rather disappointing for an e-collar on that price range.

  • Smallest receiver available
  • Great coverage area
  • Controller is well designed
  • It’s rather expensive
  • Mediocre battery life

Types Of Training Collars

Depending on the mechanism they rely on to give feedback upon your dog’s behavior, training collars can be classified in different types. There are six common kinds of collars used to train dogs, namely:

  • Pinch collars
  • Choke collars
  • Martingale collars
  • Anti-bark collars
  • Invisible fence collars
  • Remote shock collars

Pinch, choke and martingale collars share the same methodology, hurting your dog’s neck a little when you pull the leash. They’re highly effective but are only good for simple commands that can be executed without letting go of the leash. It’s a great way to keep a large and aggressive dog from hurting someone, for example.

bull terrier
bull terrier

Anti-bark and invisible fences, on the other hand, don’t rely on your input to apply corrective measures. A sensor lets the collar know when your dog is barking or going out of boundaries, and the appropriate stimulation will be used to keep him from doing that. Those are effective ways to train your dog, but they’re limited to those specific scenarios.

By far, the best way to train your dog is using a shock collar. You have a controller to let your dog know he’s doing something you don’t like.

That’s useful to teach your dog any command you can think of. Nowadays, the best shock collars for dogs don’t even need to give static shocks to your dog to correct misbehavior. Most of them come with a vibration setting that’s pretty much as effective as a zap.

3 Factors To Consider Before Buying

If you’re not sure what it’s important and what isn’t in a training collar, we’ll give you a few pointers to help you make a better decision. We’ll take the time to explain what sets apart the best e-collar for dogs from the rest of them.

In any particular order, the most important things to keep an eye for in a training collar are:


1. Stimulation Settings

This is the main feature you’re buying. The stimulation is the thing that’ll give feedback to your dog on what’s right and what’s wrong. Since some transgressions are far worse than others, you want something that adapts to that statement. The best dog training shock collar is one that allows you to adjust the type and intensity of the stimulation accordingly.

2. Wireless Range

That’s how far away from the receiver you can effectively deliver a signal using the transmitter. How much is enough, will depend on the circumstances that you want to use the device.

To take your dog hunting, for example, you’ll be better off having something that goes further away than your own line of sight. But other than that, something between 1000-1200ft should suffice.

3. Waterproofing

A very important thing to check before buying a shock collar is the level of water resistance it provides. Dogs like to play around everywhere, and no puddle or rain is going to stop an energetic dog from enjoying himself.

Waterproofing is not optional; you should always check that the device can withstand a good deal of water. Most importantly an electric malfunction can end up injuring your dog if you’re not careful.

beagle dog
beagle dog

Training Your Dog With A Shock Collar

Even the most stubborn dog can be taught better ways to behave. A great way to achieve that is using a shock collar. It’s one of the most effective paths to take when you see your dog doing something that’s unacceptable. But not even the best dog training collar will get rid of your dog’s bad habits if you don’t know what you’re doing.

First, you need to properly fit the collar to your pet’s neck. That’s important because if the collar is too loose, the conductive points won’t make contact with the skin. Even worse, if it’s too tight, it will hurt your dog.

You need to make sure that you can fit one or two of your fingers underneath the collar. The contact points should be on the lower part of the dog’s neck, under the chin.

Cane Corso black dog
Cane Corso black dog

Once you’re all set, the real training starts. There are different methods used to teach each command. First, you need to try using positive reinforcements. Use a few treats to make your dog associate a positive behavior with a positive outcome. Be patient during this stage of the training.

When your pet starts to understand what you are expecting, remove the positive reinforcement and repeat the command one more time. If the dog doesn’t comply, give a warning tone once and then a low-level stimulation. You might need to help the dog remember what’s the outcome you’re expecting.

It may take a while, but you’ll eventually get the dog to do what you want. When that happens, go back to the positive reinforcement. If you reinforce that behavior a couple of times and apply corrections every time he fails to obey, he’ll start doing it when he hears your commands.

Bedlington Terrier
Bedlington Terrier

4 Safety Measures To Consider

If you decided that you’re going to get a training collar for your dog, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. To keep your dog safe, you have to take a few extra steps. Don’t worry, it’s neither time-consuming nor complicated, you just need to remember to:

1. Use The Device When It’s Properly Charged

When you use the device with a low battery, you’ll have to turn up the level of stimulation to keep the training effective. Then, when you use it again, it’s going to be too strong and may cause undesired suffering to your pet.

2. Always Check That The Collar Is Well Fitted

It’s important that the collar fits your dog’s neck for the training to work. But, if it’s too tight, it’s going to hurt the skin, since that’s a very sensitive area for dogs. If you’re able to fit one or two fingers underneath the collar, you’re good to go.

white indian Spitz
indian Spitz

3. Reposition The Collar Every 1-2 Hours

Especially when you’ve been sending consecutive corrections. If multiple shocks are received on the same point, that area will get more sensitive each time you send another stimulation. Reposition the collar frequently to keep your dog’s skin from irritating.

4. Use The Device Responsibly

Shock training collars are not toys. The controllers should be operated by adults only. Always remember that the point isn’t to punish your dog, but to teach proper behavior. Start by the lowest stimulation setting, and work your way up from there.

Alaskan Malamute
Alaskan Malamute

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FAQs on Dog Training Collars

1. Are Shock Collars Good To Train Dogs?

Shock collars are very effective at keeping your dog from misbehaving. Whether they’re good or bad ways to train your dog will depend on the collar you buy and the way you use it.

Training a dog with a shock collar is almost guaranteed to stop undesired behavior on your dog. Depending on the commands you give him, your dog might be more or less prone to listen to you instead of following its instinct. That means sometimes you’ll have a harder time teaching new commands using the same methods.

That’s why the best dog training collar is one that has adjustable settings. When the dog is stubborn and doesn’t listen, you raise the level appropriately. You’ll have to be careful, though, because if you rely on strong static shocks too often, your dog will suffer.

That’s a way to turn even the best shock collar into a bad way to train your dog. Not only is it cruel to keep zapping your dog, but it’s detrimental to the training process.

Azawakh brown
Azawakh brown

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If you do that, your dog will become anxious and unpredictable. You may correct some of his bad habits, but you might create new ones. Then, you’ll have to discipline him because of that, creating a never-ending cycle.

The best way to prevent that is going from the lowest possible, and raising it adequately when needed. Even better if you only use vibration and warning tones, unless it’s an emergency.

2. What’s The Age To Start Using A Shock Collar On A Dog?

These answers come in two parts: appropriate age and appropriate size.
First, you have to consider that puppies, like babies, are new to this world. There are things they need to understand first before new things can be taught. Don’t worry, the learning curve for dogs is fairly small, it won’t take that long. Once they have fully adapted to their surroundings, you’re almost good to go.


This should be around 6-10 months, but keep in mind that it’s still a little soon for such training methods. You might want to try positive reinforcement first, and then move on to more drastic measures if needed. You also have to consider your dog’s weight, because at that age many breeds have not reached their full size.

That’s our second point: you shouldn’t use a shock collar on a dog that weighs less than 10 pounds. There are many reasons for that. Dogs under that threshold are more fragile and sensitive, and those collars could be too much. On top of that, they’re likely too heavy and bulky for a dog so small.

If you need to get a training collar for a particularly stubborn puppy, you have to go for a special one. A good choice would be GoodBoy’s alternative for small dogs, it’s lightweight and safe for small dogs.


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3. What Is The Best Small Dog Training Collar?

There are plenty of collars available that have the merits to be some of the best training collars overall and are also safe for small dogs.

In our opinion, the 3 best training collars for small dogs are:

  • GoodBoy’s small size training collar
  • Fittidoll’s training collar
  • Petrainer’s shock collar

Any one of these collars could be considered the best dog training collar depending on what you’re looking for in a training aid. All of these are waterproof, durable and easy to use. There’s a reason each one of these items has a huge amount of positive reviews from customers online.

brown Sinhala Hound sitting on ground
Sinhala Hound

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If you’re buying a training collar for a small dog, there are two things to consider: weight and fit. You want something that your dog can carry around in its neck without being too much of a burden.

All the items we listed above fit that criterion. However, if your dog is just 10 pounds, the minimum weight to use a training collar, your best choice is the collar from the guys at GoodBoy’s, since it is the lightest of them all.

4. Can A Shock Collar Kill A Dog?

The static shock from a training collar won’t kill a dog. There’s not enough electricity on the device for that to occur. The stimulation your dog receives through the collar isn’t strong enough to make any lasting physical damage.

However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t hurt your dog. You have to use the device with utmost precaution because leaving the static charge on for too long will injure the skin of your dog’s neck.

A good way to prevent that is only applying the corrective measures for one second. If you want to teach your dog with prolonged stimulation, use a low vibration setting instead.

The worst-case scenario would be buying a poor-quality training collar. If it broke under your dog’s neck, tiny shards of cheap plastic could actually do some serious damage to the thin skin on your dog’s neck.

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu

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