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10 Best Dog GPS Trackers 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

It is the responsibility of dog owners to keep their furry friends safe. To be honest we do a pretty good job of keeping them safe when they are at home by putting up fences so they don’t wander out of the house’s premises.

But despite our best efforts, there is a fair chance that our friend might escape that confinement or safe zone and get lost, and the sad thing is, it happens more frequently than you might imagine.

As a society, we have been trying to solve this problem, and hence, various accessories have been developed to make it easier for us to get back our furry friends.

An example of such technology is the GPS tracker. It has helped many owners reunite with their lost dogs. So, you won’t have to worry about your best friend getting lost ever again with the best GPS dog tracker.

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10 Best Dog GPS Trackers

1. Whistle 100-04203-00

Whistle 100-04203-00 Best Dog GPS Tracker

The Whistle 100-04203-00 is an amazing product, which is designed to have location tracking across the entire nation. This will help you to pinpoint the location of the dog.

This is done using the advanced smart GPS activity tracker which uses the cellular signal from At&T. So basically it works anywhere where there is a 3G service.

You also get alerts via SMS, email, and through the app whenever your pet leaves the house. Not only that, you also get various other health stats of your pet like its daily activity duration, it’s health measures depending on the weight, age, and breed. You can easily look at them with the real-time GPS tracking via Google maps.

This device has a battery life of about seven days with a single charge, but it also depends on the activity of the pet, the Wi-Fi connectivity, and signal strength. The durability of this product is also very good as it is waterproof and it is built to withstand underwater as deep as 3 feet for 30 minutes.

It is not recommended for pets that weigh 8 pounds or more and you can attach this tracker to any type of collar or harness which are not more than 1 inch wide.

It should be noted that the notches that are present at the bottom and top on the backside of this device are part of the manufacturing process and have nothing to do with the working of the tracker itself.

You have to get yourself a monthly or annual affordable WiFi subscription for connecting it to nationwide available cellular network of AT&T. You don’t need any kind of phone contract for this.

Other features include night light which can be turned on using the app whenever you want it to. Three kinds of light settings which are slow flash, high flash or always on.

This light can be used as a beacon to spot them when they are in dark areas or just as a guide for your evening walk together.

2. Tractive 3G

Tractive 3G

The subscription plan for the Tractive 3G starts with as low as $4.99 per month and better plans are available as well. This is very much the same as your cellphone’s plan. It comes with an integrated SIM card so that you get the best network service possible.

Now coming to the built of this product, it is very lightweight. It is waterproof as well, making it compatible with dogs who love water and jump into the pool the first chance they get.

This GPS tracker is recommended for dogs who are 9 pounds or more. This device easily gets attached to the collar or harness of the dog, and it is pretty robust as well.

Another amazing feature of this device is live tracking, which allows you to pinpoint the location of your pet in real-time whenever you need it. You can also share that location with your friends and families.

You also have access to the entire location history of your furry friend. Also, there is the safe zone feature in which you can set virtual fence, through the app, around your house where you think your dog is safe, and the app immediately alerts you whenever your pet goes out of the bounded area. Dog tracking has never been easier.

Along with the device, you get the worldwide location tracking feature that can track your dog over 150 countries, no matter where it goes, and you can access your pets location easily through the Tractive GPS app or with any other regular browser.

Moreover, the good news is that it does not have any limitation in regards to boundaries, unlike any other Bluetooth GPS devices. This device is also shock resistant, making it more durable.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that should provide you with a battery life of 2-5 days with just 2 hours of charging.

This device is compatible with iOS 10 and later versions, and any devices running on Android version 4.1 or higher. It weighs only 35 grams (1.2 oz) which is practically insignificant for your pet.

3. Findster Duo+

Findster Duo+

Let’s start with the best feature that the Findster Duo+ has to offer. It is the first GPS tracker for pets that do not need any cellular network.

This is because of the maze technology which is embedded into this tracker, don’t require any SIM card or cellular coverage whatsoever. This helps you save a lot of money on the monthly subscription.

Talking about the tracking system, this device gives you the real-time location of your pet, and it instantly alerts you via SMS, email, or through the app whenever your dog goes out of the house.

You can even set a virtual perimeter around your house within which you think your pet is safe, and the app will notify you as soon as your pet leaves that space.

Although the range of this device is limited, it depends on the surroundings as well. For example, if you are in an urban area, then you can expect a range about half a mile.

However, you can expect a range of up to 3 miles in an open area. It should be noted that the Duo+ is designed for walking and it should not be used for indoor tracking or remote monitoring.

The battery life of this product is variable and changes depending on its use. For example, it will work for 12 hrs on a single charge if the GPS is kept on, but this number increases significantly when used with minimal GPS tracking. If you use GPS for two 30 minutes walk with all-day activity tracking then you can expect a battery life of up to 3 days.

The advantage of this device is that it works seamlessly in most countries, even when you are off-grid. This is because it does not need a certified connection to function.

It is shock-resistant, and waterproof, which makes it easier to take it on adventures. Also, it is very durable. This tracker is recommended for dogs weighing more than 8 lbs.

4. PetFon


The PetFon Pet GPS Tracker, too, like the previous ones do not require any monthly subscription to work.

However, it works using a combination of long-distance wireless technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS combined in order to give you an accurate real-time location of your dog.

This device allows you to track the activities of your pet, as well as, pinpoint its location anytime you want it. Since it does not require cellular signal, you will save a lot of money on the monthly subscription.

PetFon comes with a mobile app that is very interesting to use and easy to install. You can get the app free from their official site or from the app store. The setup process takes only a few minutes and you’re good to go after that.

This tracker comes with a laser-carved antenna with high gain amplification that helps it to amplify the signal, making it capable of tracking in a radius of 0.65 miles in urban areas, and up to 3.5 miles in open environment.

Another exciting feature which keeps your pet safer is by giving you safe zone feature where you can set virtual fences around your house through the app where you think you your dog is safe and the app immediately alerts you whenever your pet goes out of that space.

To make it easier to find your pet in the dark you can activate colourful lights. It also has the option to record voice commands so that you can communicate with your pet remotely.

This device is completely rainproof and can be used even in wet weather, and the standby time is also good. The battery can last upto 8-16 hours.

Charging this device is pretty easy as well because it comes with a charging station that is very small and handy. PetFon also guarantees you a 30-day money-back option if you are not satisfied, and it also provides a 1-year protection.

5. 4 Pack Smart

4 Pack Smart

This product is made up of ABS plastic, which means it is very lightweight and has great durability. It is designed to be used as a GPS tracker for keys. Key finder uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and can connect with any device running on IOS, Android any other smartphone for that matter.

The 4 Pack Smart can literally be used for or many kinds of things that may get lost like dogs, cats, luggage, wallets, keys, etc.

You can download the free app “cTracing” from the Play Store and pair this device with a smartphone.

Whenever you lose something you just need to press the button in your smartphone and the receiver in the tracker will start beeping and you can find the dog (or pet) by following the sound. It works best within hundred feet radius.

It comes with a two-way notification system that allows you to track the lost item or your lost pet by notifying you through your smartphone whenever it gets out of the range of the device. This device also gives you the real-time location of your pet whenever you wanted to via the app.

Other functionalities include anti-lost alarm, GPS tracking device, remote control self-portrait etc. It also has OneTouch find feature which makes it a lifesaver.

6. Tracki 2020

Tracki 2020

With the Tracki 2020 tracker, you get the worldwide location tracking feature which along with the USA and Canada can crack your dog over 185 other countries.

So no matter where it goes and you can access your pets location easily through the GPS app or even with your regular browser. This device is also shock resistant making it more durable and reliable.

It comes with an international sim card with monthly fees of $19.95 and as low as $9.95.when you go for long term plans.

This device is 30% lighter and small compared to other devices and it comes with a SIM card that has international coverage. The smartphone app of this device is very easy to install and intuitive to use.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last upto 2-3 days if real-time tracking is used which will give you the location every 1-5 minutes.

But if you are not using the real-time tracking then the battery can last up to 30 days with tracking four times daily. It is embedded with revolutionary technology which works both outdoor and indoor.

You can even set virtual Geo-fence zone for your dog and every time it gets out of that zone, you get notified through the app, SMS and email. You also get 5 years of history report with this tracker along with timestamp and speed of your dog.

7. Loc8tor Pet Tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker

This is America’s first pet tracker. Using this tracker you can locate your pet within 1 inch of the real-time location. It comes with the state of the art radio frequency technology, making it very accurate and reliable.

This radio frequency technology is much more accurate compared to the GPS trackers that are available. This technology has even gathered numerous awards due to its uniqueness and efficiency.

It does not require any monthly subscription to work the Loc8tor Pet Tracker. This device allows you to track the activities of your pet as well as pinpointed location anytime you want it.

It is not based on cellular signal so you can save a lot of money from a monthly subscription. It just costs you one-time but you get peace of mind for a lifetime.

This product is powered by lithium-ion battery which means its completely rechargeable and it can last upto 12 hours when used in continuous real-time tracking.

But if you don’t use real-time location all the time this number increases significantly, giving you a battery life of 4-5 days. The maximum distance which it can keep its range is about 400 feet with a clear line of sight or just a few walls or doors in between.

It also features a unique bidirectional technology system which gives you both visual and auditory cues in order to guide you to your lost dog or cat. This device is designed to help you train your pets as well.

These added features can be implemented in both the tracker tag and the handset allowing you to train your pets to come home whenever they are lost.

8. Hangang


The Hangang tracker comes with a built-in 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery that gives you a battery life of a whopping 300 hours.

This allows you to take your dog to your long adventures without worrying about the battery going dead. It also comes with a fast charger that gives you a charge to run for days within hours.

This tracker is designed for dogs weighing 9 lbs or more and is not suitable for cats. This device needs a 2G GSM SIM card to function. Then you need to insert it into the GPS tracker and you are good to go.

But since you are going for cellular connection you have to also go for a monthly or annual subscription. The best service that we can recommend you for this device is either T-Mobile or Speed talk but don’t go for AT&T. With these plans, it will cost you around $5 a month.

Now coming to the range of this product, it can track the dog literally anywhere once you pair this tracker with your Google Maps.

So basically your loving pet will never get lost. You can even get access to the history of your dog’s journey along with all the stats about its daily activity. This will help you keep your furry friend healthy and fit.

You can the free app for the tracker from the App Store or you can even use your regular web browser to do the tracking.

The device is very lightweight and durable. This is because it is completely waterproof. Other functions of this tracker includes sleep mode, low battery alarm and geo-fencing.

9. Cube Pro

Cube Pro

The range of the Cube Pro is very good which means you can find your pet no matter how far it runs off. You don’t need to buy a new cube every year as these are very durable products. But you do have to change the batteries every year to keep its juice.

It comes with an app that helps you know the last location of your pet allows you to have a head start whenever it gets out of the range of the device. It uses Bluetooth technology to tell you whether you are far or near to your pet. If you are near the cube then press the find button in the app and it will ring.

Apart from pet, you can use to find other objects as well which you lose regularly. All you need to do is attach a cube to that object and you will never lose it again. You will even be notified to carry it whenever you are leaving.

This device is completely waterproof with IP67 certification. Other feature includes selfie remote and crowd find. It can also survive easily in sub-zero temperatures, which means you can use it even when it’s snowing.

10. TabCat


Using the tracker designed by Tabcat you can locate your pet with an error of less than 1 inch. It also comes embedded with radio frequency-based technology making it very accurate and reliable. Compared to the GPS trackers that are available this radio frequency-based technology is much more accurate.

This product is powered by completely rechargeable lithium-ion battery and it can last upto 12 hours when used in continuous real-time tracking mode where it checks for your dog’s location continuously.

But if you don’t use real-time location all the time this number increases significantly, giving you a battery life of 4-5 days. The maximum distance which it can keep its range is about 400 feet with a clear line of sight or just a few walls or doors in between.

This device is designed to help you train your pets as well. These added features can be implemented in both the tracker tag and the handset allowing you to train your pets to come home whenever they are lost.

It does not require any monthly subscription to work like a few of the device mentioned in this list previously. This device allows you to pinpoint the location anytime you want it as well as track the activities of your pet.

Who Should Buy A GPS Dog Tracker?

Now you might ask if this is really necessary. To answer that let’s see the stats for a bit. Every year thousands of dogs get lost from their homes, and the percentage of dogs that return back is really low. And the sad thing is that it happens all the time.

You will have the highest chance of getting them back only if you use a GPS dog tracker. There are many ways to track your dog, but the two most popular ones are either you get the location of your dog on your smartphone in real-time or you get notified whenever a rescuer scans the code on the collar.

You can rest assured with the best dog GPS tracker that you won’t lose them ever. This is a handy device when it comes to saving your dog’s life.

Bernese Mountain Dog puppies
Bernese Mountain Dog puppies

You can say that it is a device that you won’t need right until you need it, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So you must know that it’s important to get your dog the best GPS dog tracker, set it up, and attach that to your furry friend before you actually need it. A nice analogy would be health insurance, you buy it but you hope that you never have to use it, but it’s there whenever you do.

As pet owners, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our pets are safe and should also understand the fact that pets going missing is not rare.

If you have a dog, whom you take out to most of your adventures or if you have a hunting dog, then these devices will act as a lifesaver for your courageous canine.

But before you make your final decision, it’s important that you keep certain factors in your mind so that you select the best GPS dog tracker for your furry friend.

white and brown cavapoochon

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4 Factors To Consider While Buying Best Dog GPS Tracker

These are a few of the important features that a good GPS dog tracker must-have.

1. Durability

Durability is one of the most important factors to consider because the GPS tracker is useless if it fails to function the second your dog jumps into the water.

When your canine friends go out of the house they are bound to go through areas that are tight or rugged, and inevitability the tracker is going to take damage at some point or another. So the tracker should be capable of handling the damage and still continue to work for a long period of time.

The most important feature for a GPS tracker is that it should be waterproof, especially if your dog loves water. Because inevitably, your dog will go into the pool or pond at some point in time and that should not damage the tracker in any way whatsoever.

The area of the collar where you are going to attach the tracker should also be durable. So in short, the more durable and rugged the tracker, the better.

husky dog in autumn

2. Range

The GPS should have a good functioning range because it will be useless if the tracker cannot find a signal when your canine friend is lost.

Most of the GPS trackers are designed to run on cellular signals so that it would be easier for the device to connect with your phone whenever it finds a signal.

This is the best option for most people but if you are someone who lives in the countryside or in a rural area where it’s sometimes hard to get a proper cellular reception, then you should go for a GPS that works in the woods.

In that case, you should go for a GPS tracker that uses multiple types of signals in order to track your buddy. And we would also advise you to check the reception of the device on the location before letting your dog into the woods.

Akita Inu big fluffy dog breeds
Akita Inu

3. Accuracy

Accuracy is another feature that is very important because the sole purpose of a GPS tracker is to find your dog. So if it fails to pinpoint the location of your pet accurately, then it’s of no use.

It will become nearly impossible to find your pooch if the accuracy is not good. So you should go for more accurate tracker that will increase the chance of finding your dog.

4. Subscription Plan

So by now, you must know that most of the GPS trackers used for dogs use cellular signals to keep track of the location of the device.

There is a very good reason behind this technique because cellular signals nowadays are covering a large part of the planet and hence anything that uses that signal is easily accessible and also these devices tend to be more accurate.

Catalan Sheepdog black
Catalan Sheepdog

However, we all know that this service does not come free of cost. So you need to have a monthly subscription in order to keep the tracker active.

The best way to take a monthly subscription is to learn about the available options and offers that best fits your dogs GPS tracker and also prevents you from wasting money unnecessarily. You wouldn’t like it if your monthly subscription costs you a fortune over time.

4 Frequently Asked Questions on Dog GPS Trackers

Now let’s jump into a few of the questions that are asked by most of the customers

1. What Is A Gps Dog Tracker And How Does It Work?

A dog tracker is a device that is designed to locate your dog when it gets lost. These trackers can be clipped onto the collar of your dog and then it will track its location. There are various designs, some are made to track your pet in real-time and some check the location of your pet at regular intervals, say every 5 minutes for example.

Hovawart dog golden

Now there are multiple ways to access your pets current location but most of the modern trackers do this using your smartphone. All you have to do is download the official app of the tracker company, pair it with the tracker itself and then you are good to go.

So.e trackers are designed to provide you with the location via email whenever it is activated by a passer-by. All these facilities vary depending on the model and brand of the tracker you are using.

Now there are multiple ways the tracker determines the location of your furry friend. In most of the cases, the GPS tracker uses cellular signal and hence you have to go for a monthly subscription for it work properly.

Kuvasz dog white
Kuvasz dog

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But many other companies use other signals to do the same job. Like using a combination of wireless connectivity and Bluetooth or using the radio frequency-based technology to find the location and many more.

The advantage of using a cellular network is that it has the best coverage and hence you can get the location of your dog in over multiple countries and some companies even offer global coverage.

2. Are GPS Tracker Embedded In Microchips?

No, GPS tracking system is now included with the microchips. These two are totally different types of devices. In basic terms, microchips are used to help a stranger or a doctor get the basic information about the dog’s owner whereas a tracker for the owner to keep tabs on the location and activity of the dog or pet in general.

akbash white puppies
akbash white puppies

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3. What Is The Difference Between A Gps Dog Tracker And A Microchip?

Microchips are types of implants that are put under your dogs or pets skin so that they can be identified by your vet or a shelter. When the shelter or the vet finds your dog then they scan your dog’s implants and this will provide them with all your basic information like your contact or your address and your name.

This will help them to teach you out and return your dog. You as an owner won’t have to do a thing if your pet happens to get lost. System microchip is embedded under the skin of your dog, the probability of the chip falling out or getting separated from the dog’s body is pretty low.

On the other hand, GPS tracker does not contain any information about you or any of your contact information. A tracker only allows you to access the location of your dog so that you get to them whenever they get lost.

big white dog barking

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In order to reduce the chance of losing your dog to almost zero, we would recommend you to put an implant (it’s a completely pain-free process) and use a GPS tracker as well.

4. Is A Dog Tracking Collar Or Dog Tracking Tag Better?

It completely depends on the canine and the situation as well. The dog tracking tags work best when your dog is smaller in size and you cannot use a larger GPS tracker on it or if your dog already has a collar. In general tracking tags are way cheaper compared to the GPS tracking collar as it uses much less materials.

But on the downside, the chance of losing a tag is much higher compared to a tracking collar. If you live in the countryside or in rural areas where the terrains are rough then tracking tag is not your best option. There a tracking collar is the better option.

Tenterfield Terrier
Tenterfield Terrier

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On the other hand, tracking collar is usually more expensive than tracking tag but you do not require an additional collar for your dog. If your pet dog doesn’t have any collar currently or have one which it doesn’t like then going for the tracking collar is your best option.

english greyhound
english greyhound

I covered all of the costs associated with writing this post on the best dog gps trackers. However, it does contain affiliate links. That means if you click through on some of the links in this article and end up making a purchase I may receive a small commission. It won’t affect the price that you pay. Just wanted to let you know.

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