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10 Best Couches For Dogs They’ll Love 2021

Worried about the beautiful couch in your drawing-room getting damaged by the claws of your dog? Then, it’s time you buy a couch exclusively meant for your furry friend. This guide will help you find top dog accessories such as the most suitable choice from among the best couches for dogs in the market.

10 Best Couches for Dogs

1. Furhaven Traditional Sofa Style

Furhaven Best Couch For Dog

This pet dog bed from Furhaven can be used for dogs up to 55 lbs and specifically made for the breeds German Shorthaired pointer, Australian Shepherd and Bulldog. The three bolster designs are sure to help the dog get comfortable in all positions while sleeping and the cushioned headrest is best for dogs that like to snug up in a corner.

The surface of the couch features a cushion made of faux fur along with silk suede bolsters. These materials provide comfort and help the dog to relax. The material would not cause any rashes or sores. The whole cushion is made using breathable materials in order to avoid sweating of the dog’s body.

The cushion is designed in such a way that it can be used for dogs with muscle pains and joint aches. Thus, the couch is best for your aged dogs. The special egg-crate form has the capability to spread out the weight equally on the surface. The orthopedic effects of this cushion can help ease joint pain.

The couch comes in four color variants – Espresso, Clay, Gray, and deep pool. The attractive feature of this couch is that the out cover can be removed and is machine washable. The material can also be easily vacuumed. Thus, cleaning is made easy.

The main disadvantage is that the surface has silken suede in some parts. The changes are high that these parts may get easily damaged as silk and suede is vulnerable to scratches.

2. Friends Forever Large

Friends Forever

This Friends Forever Large orthopedic dog bed is one of the best couches for dogs that suffer from arthritis and severe joint aches. The cushion provides enough support for your dogs at all positions and works like magic in relieving muscle pain.

The mattress is made from human-grade mattress foam and the material is of linen. The fabric has the capacity to resist water splashes and therefore, the mattress won’t get damaged easily. The maximum weight this pet dog bed can carry is up to 100 lbs, thus making it suitable for large breeds as well.

The couch’s mattress is just 4 inches, so, even your small puppies can climb onto it easily. The cover can be removed and is machine washable. The linen fabric makes sure that the surface is resistant to hair and fur. So, with one sweep of your vacuum cleaner, all the dirt can be removed easily.

The mattress forms the smell of chemicals and might trigger allergic reactions in the pet as well for the people around. Another con of the couch is that the zipper looks too flimsy and with a couple of uses, it might break. The suede cover is another problem and if your puppy is active all the time, then this couch is not the best choice for your dog.

3. Furhaven Deluxe Two


This L-shaped Furhaven Deluxe two pet couch has a dual bolster to provide comfort and is best for dogs that change position a multiple number of times while sleeping. The couch provides enough room for your pet to relax and is best suited for small to medium breed dogs.

The bolsters are made of silk and suede combination materials while the sleeping surface has a faux fur layer on top to provide a luxurious touch to the couch. The materials are of easily breathable type; therefore, you need not worry about your pet getting any rashes.

The mattress of the couch is designed to distribute the body weight equally over it and is best for dogs suffering from joint pain. The memory form is best for puppies as well as adult dogs to get a comfortable sleep while the body gets enough support and prevents muscle pain while sleeping. The bed due to its therapeutic properties is best for aged and disabled dogs.

The couch is available in three colors – Espresso, Dark Sage, and Stone Gray and the faux fur layer comes in contrast colors to add fanciness to the whole look of the couch. Also, the cover of the couch is easily removable and can be washed in a machine. You can also go for vacuuming if needed.

The main con of this couch is that it isn’t sturdy enough. You would find durability issues after a couple of uses. The zip might get damaged after two or three machine washes. The couch isn’t orthopedic as advertised but would make a good choice for a normal couch for your small breed dogs.

4. Serta Ortho


The Serta Ortho Quilted Couch Pet Bed features an orthopedic foam and has a three bolster design. Made from upholstery fabrics, the couch cover can be easily removed and can be machine washed.

The couch has a non-skid bottom and therefore suitable for dogs with vigorous movements. The surface of the bed provides enough room to sleep in any position. The bed is available in three sizes-small, medium and large. You can use the couch for all breeds of dogs, provided you buy the right size.

A point to be noted is that even though the ortho foam may fit your washing machine, do not try to wash it. Only the cover is washable, not the form. Doing so can destroy the sturdiness of the form and strip it of its orthopedic properties.

The main problem you would find with the couch will be associated with the mattress. The mattress isn’t thick enough and you might need to regularly vacuum it to retain its puffiness. Also, sticking at the bolster area might tear apart after a couple of uses.

If you are up for a highly durable couch, then this isn’t the best choice. But if you want a couch for your small breed dog, then this is one of the best dog couches available in the market. Apart from some durability issues, the couch is great for the price.

5. Furhaven Traditional Sofa Style


This pet dog couch from Furhaven can be used for cats and dogs alike. The therapeutic form is a major plus point and the mattress is sturdy enough to support the dog while sleeping in any position. The couch is available in five sizes ranging from small to Jumbo plus and the color variants also include printed design. So, you can choose one that fits your interiors.

The sturdiness of the couch comes from the egg-crate form used. The form provides maximum support for the body by distributing weight all over the surface. Thus, making the couch one of the best therapeutic couches available in the market.

The couch covering can be easily removed and you can wash it in a washing machine. The couch can also be vacuumed. A point to be noted is that if your dog has the habit of biting excessively onto things, then this isn’t suitable for your dog. The fabric would get easily torn and would become not suitable for use.

The form inside isn’t dense enough for large breed dogs. Also, you might face issues with the fabric used as the couch cover. It might get torn apart easily and also the zip might come off after a use or two.

6. Pewter Rockwell

Pewter Rockwell

This pet sofa from Enchanted is mounted on legs and has a luxurious look to its design. The cushion cover alone is removable, but the bolster cover isn’t. You can also find pockets on the sides to keep the toys of your pet safely.

The cushion is a velvet cushion and the bolster features a faux leather. The material, as well as the framework, is durable enough to support dogs up to 75 lbs. Thus, it would be the best couch for dogs belonging to small and medium breeds. The height from ground to the top of the cushion surface is about 9 inches, so you might have to help your small puppies to get to the cushion surface.

The sofa requires no assembly procedures. The sofa can be vacuumed easily due to the leather bolsters. Vacuuming regularly is highly recommended.

This is because the velvet can easily attract fur and if kids are playing on the couch, then it can lead to the development of breathing problems and other allergic reactions.

The zip is very flimsy and it might break after a couple of uses. You might also face problems with the grip of the legs. The legs have very little to no grip, thus when the dog moves vigorously, the couch moves along.

7. Cute Watermelon Shape

Cute Watermelon Shape

This watermelon shaped sleeping couch looks cute and the all rounding bolster design provides protection for the dogs while sleeping. Unlike the other couches in the list, the couch is round in shape and the cushion is placed at the center.

The high-density sponge provides support while sleeping and is durable enough to withstand the daily activities of your dog on the couch. The velvet fabric is smooth and comfortable to sleep on and at the same time is breathable. So, you do not have to worry about your pet getting rashes or any other skin allergies.

The couch is specifically made for small and medium dogs and won’t be available in the size that suits large breed dogs. The couch cover can be easily removed by taking out the cushion and unzipping it. It can be washed in the machine and can also be vacuumed.

You mind the problem with keeping the couch at a place. As this couch doesn’t have a grip at the bottom, the movements of your dog can make it move from its place too often. If you are on a lookout for an adorable yet durable couch for your small breed dog, then this would be one of the perfect choices. It does the work for the price and you would not regret the decision.

8. Enchanted Home Brown

Enchanted Home Brown

Made from good quality wood, the framework of this pet couch from Enchanted is highly durable and has a firm grip. Mounted on four legs, the cushion has a moderate height and your dog won’t find it difficult to get onto it.

As the cushion, as well as the bolster, is made from leather, you can even wipe off the dirt easily. The couch is waterproof and proper vacuuming would be enough to maintain the couch free from dust and other particles.

Even if your dog curls, stretches or leans on the bolster the couch provides enough room for all of the dog’s position. The maximum weight that the couch can carry without cramping would be around 90 lbs.

As the entire sofa is of leather, the finish is unparalleled and can easily fit into any kind of interior. You can remove the leather cover by unzipping it, but it is not machine friendly.

The main problem associated with this couch is that the zip breaks within a few days of use. Also, the strength of the legs is also questioned if your pet jumps on the couch vigorously and is hyperactive. Apart from these two problems, the couch is easily one of the best and great deals at this rice.

9. Enchanted Home

Enchanted Home

This sofa from Enchanted oomph elegance and would surely fit into your interiors. The couch is best for small to medium dogs and provides enough room while sleeping. Mounted on four legs, the height of the sofa from the ground is about 11 inches. Even though it is a significant height, it is due to the cushion.

The cushion is made from high-quality sponge and the framework is made from good quality wood. You do not have to worry about the durability of the couch in this case. Also, the breathable material ensures proper airflow and your dog won’t suffer from any rashes or allergies.

You can find storage pockets at the side for storing toys and treats. The couch can support dogs up to 90 lbs. The washing of the cushion would be a tedious task, but vacuuming would be really easy due to the fabric of the cushion.

If your dogs are aggressive in nature and like to munch on things, then this is definitely not the couch suited for your dog. The cushion might get a deformation after a couple of uses, but once proper vacuuming is done, it restores the shape. Also, the zip might break after a couple of uses, so sewing it once before using can help retain it for a long time.

10. Paws & Purrs Oatmeal

Paws & Purrs

This couch for dogs comes with a storage drawer beneath the cushion. You can use it to store the essentials of your dog like treats, or harnesses. Made from high-quality wood, the framework is sturdy enough to handle the vigorous movements of your pets.

Another interesting thing about this Paws & Purrs couch is that it looks exactly like your sofa and would perfectly fit your interiors. The padded foam cushion provides maximum support for the dogs and makes sure that the dogs are comfortable while sleeping in all positions.

The cushion cover can be removed by unzipping the zip and is machine washable. To enhance the cleanliness of the couch, you can vacuum it as well. The couch would be best for small to medium breeds.

The fabric on the couch might get easily torn if your pets are aggressive in nature. Mounted on four legs, the ground to the top of the cushion height is above 9 inches, therefore you might have to help your small breed puppies to get up on the couch.

The main con of this product is that the legs aren’t sturdy enough to support the couch. The legs may break or get easily detached from the couch after a couple of uses. If your pet jumps off it vigorously, the couch would not stay in position due to the poor grip.

Why Buy A Separate Couch For Dogs?

Dog couches are specifically made for use by dogs. They are strong enough to resist the sharp claws and are tailored to provide maximum comfort. You can also find normal couches that are pet-friendly.

Pet-friendly couches are not a wise choice if any member of your family has any history of allergies. As the fur or hair of dogs can easily trigger allergic reactions, it is better you go for a separate couch for your pet.

10 Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Couch For Dog

While looking for a couch for your pet, here are some factors to keep in mind before making a purchase:

1. Height Of The Couch

One of the factors which are usually ignored while buying a pet couch is the size . The height, as well as the seating capacity, does matter. If you have a puppy, then it is highly recommended to buy a couch that rests on the ground and doesn’t have legs. As the puppies have small legs, it won’t be possible for them to climb the couch easily.


2. Size Of The Couch

The breed size and existing size of the dog is to be considered while buying a couch for your dogs. If your dog belongs to the smaller breeds, then a small couch would do the work. If your dog belongs to the larger breeds, go for a big couch and consider their full-grown size as well. The couch should provide room for them to relax and should not be dingy.

3. Color Of The Couch

This might sound strange, but dogs dislike some colors. The common misconception is that dogs see the world in three colors – white, black and grey. This is not true. Even though some colors might look different to them, the dogs are able to differentiate the different shades of color better than us.

When you buy a dog couch, make sure you avoid the fabrics that have too much glare. Dogs do not prefer things that have glare and might not use the couch. Also, do not opt for fluorescent colored couches. Dogs strongly dislike fluorescent color and this dislike is very strong in some breeds.


It would be a better choice to go for dark-colored couches. Dark shades of green and blue look good and at the same time do not irritate your dog’s vision. It would be a wise thing to do if you avoid purchasing light colored couches. As the claws of your dogs may not be clean at all times, thus, stains can ruin the appearance of the couch.

4. Padding

The padding of the couch is one of the important factors to be acknowledged. Instead of buying the softest cushion, look for what is inside it. For example, an egg-crate foam padded couch is best for orthopedic treatment. Thus, if your dog suffers from frequent muscle pain or has joint aches, then go for egg-crate form.


The padding should also be made from breathable material. If the padding material isn’t breathable, then the dog would sweat heavily while lying on the couch and also in worst cases, the dogs can end up having rashes or sores. If this happens then the dog might even avoid using it.

5. Framework

Look for the framework of the couch. If your dogs are highly active, then the coach should be durable enough to withstand the continuous vigorous movements. Couches with spring action are best for your puppies. Not only does it provide entertainment for them while they jump on the couch but it also is super comfortable.

6. Match It With The Interior

Our pet is a member of your family, so the furniture and accessories used by them should also fit the interior of your house. Look for couches that fit your interiors. If the couch has a shade of black, then it can fit a variety of interiors. It is better not to purchase couches that have patterns or prints. Patterns and prints would not easily fit into the interiors.

Azawakh dog
Azawakh dog

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7. The Material Of The Couch

The material of the couch is an important factor to look out for. Fabrics such as suede, velvet, loose weave type, and silk are a big no. Velvet can easily attract fur and hair. Thus, it gets dirty easily and if by any chance your pet accidentally urinates on it, it has to be professionally cleaned. Suede couches can easily get torn with a single scratch of the claws. Thus, it should be avoided at any cost.

Denim type fabrics or leathers would be the best option for dog couches. The fabrics would feel soft and at the same time durable. Faux fur couches are also common in the market, and these fabrics can provide comfort as well as be resistant against the scratches that can be made by the claws.

8. Washable

Let us admit it. It is mandatory to wash the couch frequently to avoid foul odor and the fur on it. It would become very expensive if you opt for professional cleaning each time. Instead, you can resort to buying couches that have removable covers. Alternatively, you can buy couch covers to cover the couches.

Airedale Terriers
Airedale Terriers

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In either way, you do not need to clean the couches professionally at all times. You can also vacuum the couch frequently to get rid of the fur hair and other dirt particles. But make sure you get it cleaned at least once a month to maintain the quality of the couch for a long time.

9. The Shape Of The Couch

The shape of the couch does matter if you have a large breed dog. A large breed dog might not feel comfortable with circular couches and would require rectangular couches. This is because during sleeping they might tend to stretch their body, thus the circular couch may not be sufficient enough to house it. Instead, it would restrict the movements.

10. Storage

Some couches come with storage compartments. This can be either situated beneath the cushion or as pockets behind the couch. Though this isn’t a basic necessity, pockets or storage compartments are great to store the essentials of your dog.

Usually, the storage compartments are meant to store the toys and treats for the dog. You can also use it to store the harness or the dog’s collar.

Black Russian Terrier
Black Russian Terrier

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4 FAQs on Dog Couches

1. Are Leather Couches Good For Dogs?

Leather couches are considered best for dogs. As leather is tough, it is hard to puncture and would be resistant to scratches. Also, the cleaning process becomes much easier and the whole couch would be waterproof.

2. Should You Let Your Dogs On The Sofa?

It is best to train your pets to use the couches specially designed for them. This is not only a good behavioral practice but also ensures a long life for your sofa. Unlike the couches used for pets, sofas used by a human would have delicate fabrics that can easily tear if your pets use it.

Alaskan Malamute dog
Alaskan Malamute dog

3. What Upholstery Fabric Is Good For Pets?

Microfiber is better for your dogs and is much more affordable than leather. The microfiber has a high resistance to scratches and cannot be easily punctured. Make sure you do not go for velvet or suede, as these materials get easily damaged when pets use it. When you choose a material, choose the ones that have pores. This facilitates the flow of air and thus helps the pet feel comfortable on the couch.

4. Does Dog Hair Stick To Microfibers?

Most of the microfibers attract hairs onto it. Of these microfibers, the hair is least attracted by micro-suede, but suede cannot be used for pe coats due to its vulnerability to scratches. The hairs attracted onto the microfibers can be easily removed by vacuuming it.

Pekingese brown dog

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Best Couches For Dogs – Conclusion

Dog couches are best for your dogs. By teaching the dogs to use dog couches rather than the normal couches, you can keep your costly furniture intact. Also, pet couches are specially designed to cater to the sleeping needs (positions while sleeping) of the dogs. Whatever the position may be, the dogs can sleep peacefully on a dog couch.

Dog couches that provide therapeutic effects are best for aged dogs. So, if you have a disabled or aged dog, it is better to go for couches made from ortho form. The best couches for dogs are the ones that help the dog relax and at the same time lasts long and are pocket-friendly.

tornjak dog
tornjak dog

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