WTF Wednesday

2 May

Good luck blaming the dog anymore.

Yep.  That’s a thong.  For dogs.

Directly from the website:

“The Dogone – Dog Gas Neutralizing Pad is a comfortable and least intrusive means for deodorizing gassy discharges in a thong design. This will eliminate pet odors and dog odors from flatus or flatulence.”

Dogs fart, some more than others (we’re looking at you Mr. T).  While we often bitch and moan about these gaseous extrusions, we seriously want to know who has this much time on their hands to create this? Or who has a dog whose gas is soooo bad that they felt the need to create “an activated charcoal cloth….that is reusable and washable”??  Maybe one should rethink their dog’s diet before fitting them with a thong.  We’re actually pretty sure our dogs would kill us in our sleep if we ever tried to make them wear one of these.

I guess we shouldn’t surprised that this product exists.  I mean, we’ve already posted about “Rear Gear” and the “Poop Trap”, so it only makes sense that there would be even more products out there geared specifically for the dog ass.   Seriously though, your dog has an asshole.  That means it will pass gas and extrude turds.  If you can’t deal with this,  you really should rethink owning an animal.  Might we suggest a nice pet rock?


One Response to “WTF Wednesday”

  1. Lolly May 2, 2013 at 5:13 am #

    I had a friend with a pittie named Clio who could clear her whole condo with eyewatering toxic gasses after just one long toot. You’d wake up choking on the suddenly unbreathable air. It was crazy. I could understand putting one of those on Clio after she got into a dead bird or whatnot.

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