Sex Toy Saturday Round 6

6 Apr

In celebration of our new, official, non-family friendly status  (check out our badge on the bottom of the page and for the full story, like us on facebook.) we bring you a brand new Sex Toy or Dog Toy conundrum!

Option A

Option B

Option A is “sure to be a ____’s delight” and it is also a “fun toy that your ___ will lick right up.” It also happens to be the dog toy in this weeks post. Yeah, we’re questioning it too. It’s a Tretkon Dog Treat Toy.


If we accomplish one thing with this blog, we’d like for it to be that dog toy manufacturers stop using the word “stimulating” to describe toys for dogs. After that, we can die happy.


Another note, the sex toy this week is “The Cone” and it scares us just a little. On the website for “The Cone” (cue dramatic music) it says that “contemporary style means it doesn’t need to be hidden away in the bedroom drawer.” If we walk into someone’s house and see this sitting on their kitchen table…. we are walking right back out.



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